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Workstyle recap

Since it is not cold enough for fall layers in Dallas, we are still wearing light-weight clothing and short sleeves. Some mornings are cold enough for scarves and cardigans but by noon it is already in the 90’s and just hot. Some days I just feel like wearing fall clothes and sweating while doing it because I am so ready for cold weather! Since it has been awhile since I have done a fashion post, here is a recap of my recent work style outfits.

white vest

Thursday, October 8

Love this white vest!!! I think it was in 80’s in the morning so I decided to wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt with this fabulous vest from Target. I think I even got it on sale 🙂 Jeans are AG and the shoes are Steve Madden. I do not do a lot of walking around the office as I am on the phone or doing travel arrangements all day but I have to say these heels do not make my feet hurt… AND they go with everything! My necklace is from where else other than…. Charming Charlies!! This has to be one of my favorite office outfits!


Friday, October 9

I was feeling pretty bright and colorful on this chilly morning! I bought donuts for the office so I guess I was feeling pretty happy too or the fact it was FRIDAY…  Top is from Charming Charlies and literally will go with any and every print. The pink cardigan I got at Forever 21 last fall and I am obsessed with it! It starts my day off bright because of the color but I will say it came off by lunchtime. I wear it often… Leopard print scarf I have posted before from Charming Charlies and shoes are from Target! Another one of my favorite outfits 🙂


Tuesday, October 13

This was a pretty humid day I do remember very well…. I wore this plaid scarf from Old Navy more for style rather than doing its real job. I love the plaid colors because it reminds me of Christmas time 🙂 This colorful top was still appropriate to wear since it was like summertime outside. Top is from Francesca’s – that store is my jam! I am a boutique freak and love any and everything they carry! Jeans are from Nordstrom’s (on sale) and the turquoise cuff is from Charming Charlies (duh) 🙂


Wednesday, October 14

Since it is the middle of October, I put together this outfit to mix up some fall colors. I actually found this jean vest from Kohl’s (Rock & Republic) on sale… SCORE!!! It is perfect with a tank or even a long sleeve shirt for colder weather. It was in the 60’s in the morning so I paired my blanket scarf from Nordstrom’s and these super comfy burgundy jeans from Old Navy. I brought an extra leopard print scarf for the hot afternoon weather so I still had some accessorizing with my outfit. Hat is from Target and these brown boots I got online from ASOS. Casual day at the office calls for comfy fall attire 🙂

Happy Thursday friends!!!

Brittany 🙂



Pumpkin Patching


Happy Fall y’all!!!!!

And Happy Tuesday!!!! The past couple of days have been super busy with soccer games, cheer practice, fall festivities and of course The State Fair of Texas!!!! I have not had time to even pee let alone keep up with my daily posts (guess I might need to take that off my bucketlist lol ) This time of year it is so crazy busy with the kids activities and trying to catch some college football while cleaning the house! But I did however decorate the house with some fall/Halloween decor. That is one of my favorite things to do…. Especially for Christmas! I am a Christmas hoarder and have waaaaaayyy to many decorations but that is the point of Christmas right?!?… I will probably have a million Christmas posts starting very soon 🙂

I went to Hobby Lobby and Target of course for some small stuff for the mantle. The banner, silver & white pumpkin, polka dot pillow and the polka dot pumpkins I found in the $1 section of Target. That is like heaven right when you walk in the door – and if you have little one’s you have to check it out!

I found the orange pumpkin, silver glitter pumpkin and the sunflower holders at Hobby Lobby. I got a bunch of other things but have not had time to even snatch of picture of those. I also decorated our porch with fun fall decor. Found haybells for $6 at Michaels! Snatched up a cute little decorative scarecrow and some white pumpkins to put around the haybells from Michaels. If you are not a member of their email club you need to sign up. They send out coupons daily and I used one for 50% off all of this stuff! I always like a good bargain when I can find one.


On Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch and found lots of great fall stuff!!! I could live in a pumpkin patch I am so obsessed with them! Snatched these babies up and put them all around the house. Of course we had to buy some to decorate and carve for Halloween.


And of course here are our little pumpkins :):):)…. They had a great time picking out their favorites and seeing all of the pretty fall decor. I love this time of year because everything is so colorful…. Now if we could get some cooler weather that would just make everything so much better 🙂

Brittany 🙂


My trip to Ulta

I went to Ulta on my lunch break today to get a “few” things… My $5 lunch turned into a $90 lunch!

Thoughts I have walking through Ulta….
PLEASE tell me I am not the only one that does this??!!!!
– Walk in. Ok, I’ll be out in 5 minutes. Where is the mascara?? Oooh, nail polish! I could use a new fall color. But I have a ton at home already. They’re only $3. Maybe I’ll get 2 colors. It’s fall… I gotta be festive.

– I should probably get a shampoo while I’m here, I’m running low anyways. They’re buy one get one half off?! Score! So, guess I should get a conditioner too since I just got my hair colored… Wait, what’s this leave-in miracle potion?

– Well, I should probably check the ‘expensive’ brand shampoos too. I mean, it’s my hair, right? It needs to be taken care of properly. More expensive means more ingredients and the others aren’t like magic in a bottle! It’s a 10. Yes I’ve used this before… Well, this tiny bottle is $19.99 but it does 10 THINGS at once so, I should probably get this one. (puts other shampoo back on shelf.)

– Ooooh did they get new makeup!?! I’m already here so let me just quickly look, I won’t buy anything. (LOL)

– I probably need some more lipgloss… NYX is buy one, get one half off? I feel like I’m MAKING money at this point..

– (Walking to cash register) wait, what did I come in here for again? That’s right, mascara. (Walks to other side of store)

– Oh this mascara tube is fancy! Two bristles made of natural rubber AND waterproof? Done. I need an eyebrow pencil too… This one is pretty and has two colors Oh wait, how much is it… $27? Well, my eyebrows HAVE to be on fleek so I’m getting it.

1- Ok Brittany… You have already used your whole lunch hour! *Walks to register again and thinks* I hope I didn’t spend too much, but it’s okay, I NEED this stuff. “Ok, so your total today is $89.75!!! FML. Remember, this is all stuff you need. Oh wait, I have a coupon for $3.50 off. NBD. Like that makes a difference.

I did get some pretty good stuff 🙂

nail polish

These were $3 each and perfect for fall!!!

its a 10

Heard this stuff is amazing! I use the straightening spray before I dry my hair and I love it! I hope the conditioner works miracles 🙂


NYX has the best lipgloss colors. I love iridescent EVERYTHING and they last all day for me. I use a primer on my lips to help them stay all day.


This mascara better work some miracles lol – I have heard some good things about it so of course I HAD to see what the fuss was about 🙂


I am not a big eyebrow guru but I do know it is better to have a primer just like everything else so it lasts longer. Testing this one to see how it works!

I sure hope I am not the only one on the makeup struggle bus. This is just like Target… go in for ONE thing and leave with $200 worth of stuff!

Happy Friday!

Brittany 🙂




Closet Revival

New season, new closet!!!!

One of the things on my bucket list was to organize our closets. I started on our closet this past weekend and it took me about 3 long hours. (Yes I was sweating afterwards) When it was all said and done, we had 4 trash bags full of clothes to take to Goodwill! I call that a success!!!!

We have a cedar closet that helps with bugs and flies but it isn’t a HUGE closet. I could not get a shot of our clothes because one of the doors will not go back all the way so you can see how I organized all of our accessories. This was by far the messiest part of our closet!!!

Here are the before and after pictures… Go ahead and judge away! 🙂


Yes, I pretty much piled everything on top of each other. This was driving me crazy for about a year. I felt like I didn’t have the time to organize my shoes or really thought I had enough room to make it all fit. I looked up a view ideas on Pinterest and got to work.

One thing I found really useful for purses and boots were metal shower rings. I found these on the bath aisle at Walmart for $5.


Now… The after pictures of the chaos that is now organized chaos 🙂 Everything on the top rack that is hard to see are hats and summer sandals. I even moved MY chair over on my side now but that doesn’t mean my husband wont be using it to get ready 🙂


I pretty much used the entire bottom wire rack to hang my scarves. I tucked them through the wire part and made them into a knot. My thicker boots have a home on the floor now 🙂


I hung my everyday purses on the shower rings to help them hang pretty and not get ruined by being stacked on top of each other.


Seeing that I only have about 5 wire racks to put shoes, purses and hats on – I needed room for my fall/winter boots. I used the wire hangar that I had my scarves on to hang my everyday boots. I bought this at Walmart a couple years ago in the home section. My other shoes/boots/purses I do not wear for everyday things are put away in a tub very neatly 🙂


I am amazed at how a little organizing and re-arranging can make life so much easier. The chaos is now organized chaos and I feel like I can breathe when I get ready. So if you were wondering if I organized my husbands side…. YES! With a little bit of thinking and some motivation (I opened up a beer first) I organized his side (only accessories). Now, being a guy he is a little messier than I am with his shoes but I fixed that problem real quick 🙂

Here is the before picture ( I couldn’t get all of his shoes on the ground because they were just everywhere lol) His shoes on the racks are pretty neat and tidy but everything else not so much 🙂

before h

And now the after pictures…….. 🙂

after h

after h2

The top racks were hard to get in the pictures but those are now hats and older shoes he never wears. He told me not to throw out ANY of his shoes :/ I used another one of the hangar wire racks to organize his ties. The boots he always wear are now hung with the shower rings.

This is a success in my book! I have never seen our closet so tidy and organized 🙂 Oh and his reaction, “Where did all my shoes go?”…. ME: “In their place!” He was pretty impressed but I did warn him to keep it like this 🙂

I hope you find this post helpful if you are needing to tidy up a little bit. It was hard work but the end result was so worth it!



Date night – The Lot

the lot

If you know me then you know that I like a good beer on a patio. Especially when the weather is in the 70’s and there is entertainment for my hyper active almost 4 year old child! I heard there was a restaurant that actually had a large patio, good food and a play area for kids so I got to have a date night with my two favorite guys. It is so hard to take our little boy to a restaurant without some sort of entertainment (ipad, tv, coloring books, phone etc) Sometimes I think to myself how did we survive being children and not being bored. We didn’t have a choice but to conversate and talk to each other 🙂 These days its like unheard of to not have some sort of tech gadget with you wherever you go…. So I guess I have become that parent. BUT I will say his ipad is filled with educational games and puzzles so maybe I have not totally ruined him. Being a boy, he wants to play and constantly be outside so I knew the playground/sandbox area was going to be a hit.


We pulled up and it looked totally packed! Other parents must love a good beer and patio too…. 🙂 The hostess told us it would be an hour wait for the patio. I knew I couldn’t wait an hour to eat so I just told my husband to put our name down and we will get some drinks and watch him play. (I really had an ulterior motive lol) My son immediately found the play area and was in total heaven! He was off to get dirty and put all of his non-stop energy to good use. And sure enough, momma found what she was looking for….. an empty table on the patio that no one was occupying. My husband asked the hostess if we could sit there and she said “if you would like but that is in the middle of where all the kids run around.” If there is alcohol being served, I can handle it 🙂

We went ahead and ordered because the smell of the food that surrounded us was making me crazy. Cheese fries for me + burger for the hubby + grilled cheese for the toddler = Done! We are all set. My thoughts as the night went on and the beer was flowing: One beer deep, “This place is pretty cool.” Two beers deep, “This is the best place ever and the food is even better!” Three beers deep (my husband stopped since hes the driver), “We are coming here every weekend, forever!” My son was in heaven, great beer, great food and all on a patio! I was sold! I even mentioned to my husband about having my 30th birthday party here. They have a section with a live band, adult corn-hole and volleyball and there is a bar area inside with big screens. It is pretty much the whole she-bang for a great Saturday night!

lot bar

Here are restaurant details:



(Kitchen closing at 10pm)
(Kitchen closing at 11pm)
7530 East Grand (at Gaston)
(214) 321-1990

This was my Saturday Date Night outfit:

sat night outfit

It was still hot enough to wear shorts but cool enough for some fall colors. This is probably the most comfortable kimino I own from Francesca’s. I am a boutique freak. That is pretty much where I shop because they each carry unique, trendy stuff that you wont find in department stores. The jean shorts are from Nordstroms but I did get my money’s worth out of these… I lived in them all summer. I also love seasonal beer especially Sam Adams – Oktoberfest! If you love craft beers then I highly recommend making this your beer for the fall. Stay tuned for more from The Lot and my closet 🙂

Brittany 🙂