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DIY Christmas Wreath

“Its the most wonderful time of the year….” This is the tune that was playing during one of my favorite holiday traditions…. Wreath making!

I have loved crafts since I was little and I remember watching my mom make shirts, crafts, scrapbooks, holiday decor etc. I am obsessed with scrapbooking when time allows me to do it. I learned how to sew and started making bows but then life got in the way and my child has consumed all of my time…. I actually turned my stepdaughters room into a craft room at one point :/ But, when Christmas time comes around you better believe I am crafting away making holiday decor. Wreaths are my obsession!!! I never feel like I can make enough because of the numerous amounts of ideas that go through my head. This year I am really into reindeer everything!

I thought I would share a DIY tutorial on how to make a Christmas wreath. All it takes is some fun Christmas decor, 30 minutes and a glass of wine! (And I had some helpers as you will see in the pictures) It really is pretty easy and looks great once it is all complete!

I got all of my supplies at Michael’s where everything for the holidays is 50% right now… You can download the Michael’s app and put in your store location. You will have access to coupons and discounts 🙂 Beware…. you might go a little crazy like I did!


Ornaments: 2 packs for $5.00, Poinsetta pedals: $1.99 each


Red mesh: On sale $2.99, Striped ribbon: On sale $3.99, Burlap: Large roll $6.99

I ended up not using the gold mesh or the leopard ribbon. Don’t worry, they will get used on my next project 🙂


Reindeer: $12.99, Wreath: $14.99

Here are the steps for the DIY Reindeer Christmas Wreath. You can edit to make it your own creation but this is just a template 🙂


Start by wrapping the burlap all the way around the wreath. Leave a little bit of space between each piece. You want to get the wider roll of burlap for a better visual on the wreath.


They do not have to be perfect because the other ribbon will be spread out covering some of the burlap pieces.


Take the mesh ribbon and do the same thing as the burlap. Try to keep the same space as the burlap so you can still see parts of the green in the wreath. As you are wrapping the red mesh around, start to twist it so it becomes a little thinner as you go. This will help make sure you are still seeing the other pieces of the wreath.


Try to keep the mesh ribbon spread out for the striped ribbon that will be next……. (Can you can see a little arm in the background? 🙂


Now with the striped ribbon, do the same thing as the others. I used this one a little more than the others because I wanted it to be the main focus. You can use any other kind of ribbon but this just screamed CHRISTMAS! 🙂


I adjusted the pieces to make them a little more even throughout the wreath. All the ribbon is done. Now onto the reindeer!


I used pipe cleaners and poked them through the wiring of the reindeer on each side. You will probably have to cut them in half because most of them come in longer strands.


I put them on all four sides of the reindeer. This will secure that it stays in place. Once it is poked through the actual wreath, tie each strand together and twist until you cant twist them anymore. Then wrap them around the actual wiring of the wreath.


This picture shows the pipe cleaner wrapped through the wreath. (It was hard to get a closer picture)


Now your reindeer is ready for Santa! 🙂 Next step is placing the poinsetta petals.


I bought these that have little clips on the back to help keep them in place. I stuck mine to the bottom on each side of the reindeer.


I pushed them through as much of the burlap ribbon as possible since it is the most sturdy ribbon. So far they have stayed 🙂 Now for the ornaments…


I used the pipe cleaners for these also. I cut them in half and put them through the round part where they would hang from a hook. My other helper decided he was tired 🙂


I did the same with these as the reindeer. Stick the pipe cleaner through the wiring of the wreath and just twist them together. I put them all around the wreath.

And now for the final product!!!!…………..


I am super obsessed with this one…. It looks so festive and fabulous from the outside also. I hope this post is helpful and you can make the perfect wreath for Christmas!

Happy Crafting!

Brittany 🙂


November Beauty & Skincare Review


Happy Friday!!

I have not done a beauty/skincare post in awhile and with the weather changing, I am starting to feel it in my skin. I am that person who starts itching all over and will dry up like a prune in the winter. With my 30th birthday coming up…. (OMG I cant believe I will be the big 3 0) I have also noticed my skin changing and becoming not so firm anymore. I have never really been one to use the high end facial products for firming and hydrating but NOW I am starting to wish I did. I do however love face masks because of how soft they make my skin feel.


Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask: Ulta $5.00 (this is an amazing product for $5)

I am an avid Ulta shopper for many reasons. They have everything from higher end products to drugstore products. This helps to not feel like you are spending your entire paycheck on beauty products. I needed a new facial mask for my dry skin and found one that is amazing! For those who are not aware of the brand, Freeman Beauty is an US brand making skin beautiful from head to toe for almost 40 years. They are well known for their affordable mask and foot products. Coming back to where I was, I found the section of face/foot masks and found several Freeman products. Immediately, I started processing the one that I would want to try, but we all know that such decisions are so tough. I finally grabbed the Mint & Lemon as I knew this was going to feel great!

Mint and Lemon clay mask claims to give relief from inflammation caused by breakouts which was the main reason I gravitated towards it. During that fun female time every month, I tend to have breakouts on my face. I wanted something which would help prevent as well as calm down my skin after breakouts. The texture of the mask is soft and not rough which makes it feel amazing. This mask did not stop breakouts, but has helped calm my skin. You can feel it start working the second you rub it on your skin. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!


L’Oreal Revitalift Night Cream: Ulta – $25.00

Over the last year, I have learned that night creams are extremely important for your skin. Especially being an avid tanner in my past life, I know that I will need some major skincare in my near future. While day creams cover the moisturizing step, you also need to repair all those dead skin cells. Not only does it moisturize the skin all night long, it provides the key nutrients your skin needs to repair itself for your busy day ahead. Sometimes day creams only have the basic ingredients to provide healthier looking skin. This is what everybody aspires to have! However, night creams not only create healthier looking skin it has thicker and stronger ingredients to ensure this look night and day.


The first night of using this I could already tell I was going to love this product. My skin was tighter around my eyes and I looked a little more refreshed that morning. I tend to overuse products by applying too much sometimes but I dont think this is the case with this product. It goes on very smooth and does not make your skin oily or sticky. I hope I see more results as I continue to use it. I am going on my 3rd week of using it at night and I am already obsessed!

Now for my go-to makeup products……


Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation: Ulta $39.00

This stuff is literally magic in a bottle…. When I was younger, I never had the best skin. I would constantly have breakouts and still have scars from previous zits and pimples. I have gotten numerous facials and even micro-dermabrasion to help reduce the redness. Some of them did help reduce the redness and the scarring but they have not completely gone away. This is the only foundation I have found that has helped cover up those scars and actually lasts ALL DAY!!!

This amazing product is an oil-free, 12-hour liquid foundation formulated with Amazonian clay and non-chemical sunscreen filters. It is also dermatologist tested and vegan friendly.

Product review: Infused with skin-balancing Amazonian clay, the skinvigorating formula intuitively addresses your unique skin concerns, helping to improve overall skin clarity and texture, while the full coverage makeup fades over the appearance of large pores, discolorations and other imperfections. With all mineral, non-chemical sunscreen filters, this gentle formula features Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen, is vegan friendly and oil-free. Available in a large shade range to match women’s unique skin tones and undertones.

If there is one product that I will invest my money in it is this one. I apply it with my beauty blender (pictured below) with light dabbing around my face… I have noticed using the beauty blender rather than a makeup brush has helped blend the foundation better. I also use this beauty blender to apply my highlighter that I have noticed is lasting longer also!

Swissco Beauty Blender: Ulta $5.99



Maybelline, The Nudes Eyeshadow Pallette: Target $9.99

Confession: I am an eyeshadow palette hoarder! If there is one thing I buy everywhere I go, its a new palette! I love trying new colors with different outfits. I am that one person who feels like they are missing out on the latest and greatest if I see a new one in the beauty section. I know some of you may be over the whole naked/nude eyeshadow palette thing, but they are the most universally flattering palettes around. They can go from various day to night situations and because of that I will never get tired of neutral colored eyeshadows…EVER.

I tested all of them on my arm for a better visual on the actual colors.

eyeshadow arm

The palette includes five matte shades and seven shimmers, although in the pictures it is hard to see. I did also find that when using a brush it took a bit of effort to get decent color on my brush enough to do a complete wash of color over the lid and in the crease, but it does get better the more you use the shadows. These are great colors for blue/green/hazel eye colors but will also work for that natural, smoky eye. And it is super affordable 🙂


LiLash/LiBrow – $99.00 (each) Click here to purchase

I have been using this product for over 2 years now. I actually used to sell this at my old job and I was pretty skeptical at first. You just never know what to expect when it comes to making something grow that is naturally grown on our bodies. But, within the first week of using it my eyelashes and eyebrows were already longer and fuller. Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture but here is a picture of them now.


I use this product everyday right after I apply my mascara. These will last a good while too as you only need to use the smallest amount of product, you literally pull the brush out of the tube and wipe off the excess back into it. I like the way the brush on the lash serum is a lot smaller for easier application too! It literally has lasted an entire year without re-purchasing. As far as the LiBrow, I used to not really have any eyebrows. This product has helped make them fuller and thicker. I use an eyebrow pencil to help darken them but I apply the LiBrow right before I apply my makeup. It is a little pricier than the previous products but it is totally worth the splurge!

This is my November product review and I am hoping to start doing these weekly. Stay tuned for more affordable and AMAZING beauty products!

Brittany 🙂




Flywheel Spinning



That should be the title of this post! I can barely walk today let alone sit on my bottom. I have been exploring other workouts all over the metroplex to switch up my workouts. Running and lifting weights is something I love doing but I am also getting older and I can tell gravity is not my friend. As I am typing this, I can feel my muscles just working away throughout my whole body. I have been active my whole life and if there is a class that will make you break a sweat… its a spin class!

I have taken spin classes at LA Fitness and 24 Hour fitness and yes they have kicked my butt but these are geared towards the actual technique and program of cycling. They have technology that actually tracks your ride the entire class so it makes it a little more competitive and realistic like you are actually riding with a crew outside. I did not like watching myself in the mirror slightly struggling halfway through class so I was thankful for the tracking system to view my progress. This made me work even harder 🙂

I took the class last night at the brand new Flywheel Highland Park location. At first I was like “I got this!” (much like the Pure Barre class) but its amazing how you suddenly “Don’t got this!!!!” The warm up was a nice intro into the cycling but once we got started it was serious business. I was already breathing pretty heavy about 15 minutes into class and the sweat was pouring…. The one thing that I LOVED was the music. There is a playlist that goes with each cycling sequence so it slightly felt like I was teaching dance at one point. It is distracting and I need that for any and every workout!


The class was not completely full so you could get a view of other people struggling as much as you but that makes the class more rewarding when you do not feel like you are alone. I left class soaked in sweat and that is a GREAT feeling! I totally recommend this class to everyone especially those that hate the gym. It keeps your workouts interesting and you are allowing yourself to work muscles that sometimes do not get worked with just running or weights. Some of these classes are also offered on Class Pass where you can sign up and check out hundreds of studios and classes all over DFW! As far as clothing, I did not get a picture of myself before or after (hotmess) but I wore leggings and a tank top. It was pretty comfortable but the only thing I did notice was pants that have a cushion on the rear for the seats. You will be sore the next day from the seat but that is normal.

Recommendation: Bring a towel and a water bottle. You will need them! If you have never taken a spin class before and you are wanting to switch up your workouts, Flywheel is a MUST!

Happy Spinning!!!

Brittany 🙂


Dressing for Fall

Hello Friends!!!


Its NOVEMBER!!! Which means cool weather, leaves, sweaters, scarves, boots, perfect running weather and THANKSGIVING!!!! This time of year always gives me anxiety because of how close we are to Christmas! I am literally obsessed!!!!!! I might have already gotten the tree out and decorations ready to be put up…. Christmas decorations make me so happy because of my childhood memories and the feeling of the holidays. I am actually jamming to some Christmas music as I am typing this… 🙂 I will be posting all of the awesome Christmas decorations I recently purchased at Hobby Lobby very soon… So backtracking from one holiday to the next, Halloween was a blast with Ridge. He wanted to be Batman this year and I was not going to deny him of that… remember, what Ridge wants, Ridge gets lol 🙂

His school had a Halloween parade Friday and all of the kids got to wear their costumes… It rained ALL day Friday so the parade was moved inside to one of the music rooms. They were all soooo precious and seeing the babies dressed up gave me baby fever again. No, I do not want any more children (at the moment) but seeing babies in Halloween costumes is like the best thing ever! Every class walked around the room showing off their costumes and Ridge was just eating this up…. 🙂


His best buddy Carter was Spiderman so they were the superhero’s of the class 🙂


Halloween day was still rainy and wet so we were not too sure if we would get to go trick or treating…. Batman was certain it was going to stop raining! And sure enough…. the skies cleared up and we were rain free for the rest of the night! Batman had been in full costume and superhero mode since about 3pm so mommy was READY!!! Here is my Batman ready to trick or treat 🙂


Crazy how fast Halloween comes and goes and every year and it just gets better and better. He really gets into the character and loves going from house to house saying “twick or tweat” 🙂

Now we are in November and there is a chill in the air here in Dallas! It was cool enough yesterday to bring out the leather jacket and one of my favorite blanket scarves from Shop the Mint.

plaid 2

This scarf is sold out at the moment but you can put your email address in and they will notify you when its back in stock. It is the perfect length to wrap around your neck and thickness to keep you warm. The colors are perfect for fall and will go with anything. I paired it with this super edgy leather jacket from Nordstrom Rack. It is still on sale so grab it for the holidays.

plaid 3

I had a 6 am work meeting that morning so it was a top bun kind of hair day. These (were) my favorite leggings from Target but as I was taking these photos I accidentally snagged a hole in them from running into a bench. If you look closely you will see the fabulous hole on my leg 🙂 I guess that is my excuse to get some new ones!!!


I just love how comfy this outfit was and I am so obsessed with the colors of this scarf! It is perfect for running errands! I had a doctors appointment after my meeting and grocery shopping to do! Stay tuned for more fall inspired outfits that I will hopefully not ruin while snapping some quick photos 🙂

Brittany 🙂