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April Beauty Favorites

april favs

Yes I know I am a little late to the game but now that my entire bathroom is packed up, I actually had time to go through what I am loving in the beauty world! Some of these I actually have had awhile but forgot about them. (Oops) Nothing like finding things you forgot you purchased… It was like FREE stuff!! Check out the favs below:

Bumble & Bumble Dont Blow It:

If there’s any one product that will help you have frizz free hair this summer it’s the newest Bumble and bumble product, Don’t Blow It.  I really like this for naturally wavy hair. With just this one product, the hair stays soft and bouncy. It has plant-based conditioning and all the right ingredients for wavy texture. I love that it feels light and gives me loose waves. Try putting it in damp hair and scrunching it, or if your hair is straight try this product on damp hair and let it dry in a bun or braids for the perfect frizz free waves.

Peter Thomas Roth Birthday Set:

Sooooooo slightly forgot about this while I was packing up our bathroom. I received this on my birthday back in December. Whoops!! I picked it up at Sephora when I received a birthday email for the free gift set! Even though I recently just started using like 2 days ago, I love the cleansing gel. It feels amazing and really does the nitty gritty with oils. I haven’t tried the mask yet as I am a little too busy to do this but I will be trying it very soon. This is a pretty good deal after finding out the retail price for each of these. Technically, I was going to include this in the May favorites but I was too excited and did not want to forget about it again 🙂

Benefit “Porefect Giveaway” Duo:

I actually won this doing an online survey through the Benefit website. Another score!!

Fake Up: When I first opened this, I honestly didn’t know how to use it. It’s my first time to hear about the Benefit Fake Up. According to the product guide it came with, the Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer should help you hide dark circles around the eyes. Also, Benefit promises that the finish would look natural. It contains vitamin E and apple seed extract that could help diffuse fine lines around the eyes. This stuff does work but not for all concealers. I regularly use the Maybeline Under Eye Concealer and it did help with the creasing. When I used my NYX concealer a couple times, it wore off by the end of the day.

Porefessional Powder: This product somehow surprised me, though I’ve read bad reviews about this, I actually prefer this over some of my powders now. My pores just vanished after applying this and it made my face matte for hours. I still have to test this powder for a few more days to know how I exactly feel about this.

Benefit Dallas Bronzer:

How gorgeous is this bronzer?! The fact it’s called “Dallas” was enough to hook me but it is a gorgeous shade with flecks of gold in so you don’t need a highlight when you use this as it is already shimmery enough. It doesn’t look glittery though it has a nice golden sheen that isn’t too obvious! It’s super pigmented and lasts ages too, absolutely love this!

Bare Minerals Powder Foundation:

On my big Sephora trip last month, I wanted to try out a good powder to mattify the oiliness of my t-zone. There were many loose powders from Laura Mercier to Make Up Forever, but their shades didn’t match my skin at all. So I was recommended to try Bare Minerals by the sales associate. Bare Minerals has a wide shade selection to fit almost all skin tones/colors. Since Texas is extremely hot, I went for a medium tone with a matte finish. It was awesome match for my skin, and looked quite natural and minimal. It controlled the oiliness on my T-Zone and helped with the  humid weather. I was very impressed and at that moment I thought “I found my perfect powder!”!

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder:

Like I mentioned before, I was on the hunt to find the perfect powder for summer! I had already convinced myself to find a translucent powder since it’s very versatile. So, not only did I get a foundation powder but I heard so many great things about the LM translucent powder, I had to try it! Well… this stuff was pretty legit! The associate set it over the Bare Minerals powder I had just tried and I was like… DONE! The best part is, it doesn’t mask the color of the foundation. It’s indeed translucent! Woohoo! I have oily skin so this thing can keep my face matte 2-3 hours. If you have normal to dry skin, it can probably last you up to 5 hours.

First Aid Brand Facial Radiance Pads:

I learned about the importance of using an acid toner and following it with a hydrating toner when my oily skin starting getting out of control in my 20’s. I found the First Aid Beauty pads while searching the net for a product that was paraben-free. This product isn’t organic, but it has ingredients that I recognize. I find it gentle enough to use every day—even twice a day. I use it on my face and neck after my second cleanse in the evening. It’s still wet enough, so I get the most out of it!  It does tingle a tiny bit but that means I know its working. I have moments of thinking, is this strong enough? But then I remember that my skin is happy and clear. So it’s all good. No need to amp it up. Definitely recommend this product!

Total Moisture Facial Cream:

I’ve never bought any of the skincare from Benefit but I have been interested in trying it out. I was interested in the moisturizer after using the other Benefit products. I have noticed that since using this on an almost daily basis my skin hasn’t been as oily as it usually is. I tend to use it in the mornings after I shower since I use most of my skincare products at night. It has a thick consistency and needs a bit extra time to soak into the skin. This is when I pick out my clothes for the day. Some days I can get quite far into the day and it’s still soaking in. I’ve had this for about 2 months now and it’s still going strong because you don’t need to use that much. If anything it might even be worth buying a different product from Benefit just for the sample of this… but don’t tell them I said that! That’s just from one blogger to another.

What are some of your beauty favorites? Are there any products you think I would love?

Brittany 🙂



How to boost your metabolism in 6 ways

Waking up today like……………

because, its MOVING WEEK!!!!!!! We are officially closing on Thursday and moving into our very first home as home-owners! This is going to be a very crazy week for me so the posts will probably be a little scarce.. I am already a hot mess today as I started packing most of our clothes and couldnt find certain things this morning. Ugh. Hopefully this isnt a sign of things to come this week. I will need lots of energy and coffee this week because we still have LOTS of packing to do.

Speaking of energy, I have been feeling great lately after the detox. The first source of energy I start with everyday is my protein packed Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie! Gives me energy and keeps me full until lunch. It is also a metabolism booster which is something I have really been all about lately. This is one area that I have never been blessed with naturally so anything that I can do to help increase it, I am willing to try!


Metabolism is a chemical process that occurs within an organism that helps it to maintain and sustain life. The chemical reactions of metabolism are organized into metabolic pathways, in which one chemical is changed through a process of steps.  This process is completed through the action of another chemical, by a sequence of enzymes. Your metabolism is like the ever-running battery of your body that helps everything function. It governs your energy and rate of caloric burn and plays a role in how fast you digest food, how much you sleep and how often you get hungry.

It also plays a key role in how well you are able to lose weight. Having a well functioning metabolic system means you will burn more calories at rest than if your metabolic system is underperforming. More calories at rest means fewer you need to burn through exercise and leads to faster weight loss.


Every time we eat or drink, our metabolism converts all the calories from the food into energy. Our size, gender, and age play a large factor into determining our metabolic rate. For most people, metabolism seems to slow down after age 40. Men tend to have a higher metabolic rate than women. In addition to these factors, there are some things that we can do to independently control our rate of metabolism.

Here are 6 ways that I have found best to keep your metabolism increased:

1. Have protein for breakfast (and fewer carbs)
When carbohydrates are broken down, they release glucose, a fuel source for the body and the same thing that causes our blood sugar levels to go up and down. If you start your day with carbohydrates, you are essentially coming out of a fast, where you have low blood sugar and feeding your body something that will spike the blood sugar. This then sets your body up to crave that spike (sugar) all day long. Instead, minimize the carbs and add some protein for breakfast to give you a more sustained energy source.

2. Engage in muscle-building exercises

Every pound of muscle uses 6 calories per day. The more muscle, the higher the metabolic rate. Lift weights. Pump iron.  Muscle burns 73 more calories per kilogram per day than fat. Every muscle cell that you gain constantly burns calories for you, even while you are resting or sleeping. Lifting weights has made the difference in my weight by 15 pounds. I have not gone back to my pre-wedding weight since I started lifting weights twice a week.

Calorie Burning With Drinks

Another way to help boost metabolism is by adding high-intensity intervals into your workout. If you work out for 20 minutes, try exercising moderately for about three minutes (running or riding a bike, for example) and then alternate three minutes with 30 seconds of an all-out effort.  If you are walking steadily, add short bursts of jogging, for example.

3. Fast

No, I don’t mean go several days without food, or starve yourself, but the body is meant to have a certain amount of fasting each day to allow for proper digestion, elimination and cleansing of toxins. Typically, this period is from 7 or 8 pm to 7 or 8 am the next day. This time allows for proper digestion etc., but also allows your metabolism to take a rest before revving up for the next day. If possible avoid eating after 8 pm and then have breakfast, approximately 12 hours since your last meal. Doing a cleanse or detox helps rid of toxins and reset your body to make healthier food choices.

4. Eat small, healthy meals all day

Studies show that people who eat small, healthy snacks (such as fruit, nuts, etc.) every 3 or 4 hours, tend to burn more calories than those who eat three large meals a day. Increasing intake of high-fiber foods like vegetables is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism. Vegetables are low in calories, yet high in nutrients.

Foods that boost your metabolism:

5. Drink plenty of water

I know this is a no brainer and most people know to drink as much as water as possible. It is one of the first sources of boosting your metabolism first thing in the day and keeping it increased throughout the day. In one study, adults who drank eight or more glasses of water a day burned more calories than those who drank four. To stay hydrated, drink a full glass of water before every meal and snack. This will also help prevent over eating. One thing I have learned to do is drink a whole bottle of water right before we go to dinner… I usually take home leftovers because I fill up faster.

6. Keep laughing!

We all love ways to burn calories that involves doing something you enjoy doing. It doesn’t even involve eating food we are not big fans of… Laughter! Research proves that laughing for as much as 10 minutes per day can burn energy and improve health. Laughter increases the metabolic rate. This heat output could then be translated as an increase in metabolism. Metabolic rates can be increased by 10 to 40 calories by laughing. Its like “free exercise” plus more!

What are some ways you boost your metabolism? Are there certain exercises you find to help?

Brittany 🙂


My 30 Day, Sugar-Free Experience

7 Amazing Things that Happen When you Quit Sugar

A couple of months ago I was struggling with energy and getting up in the morning. I couldn’t figure it out. My weight was pretty much the same besides a couple extra pounds around the waist but I just starting feeling crappy. Kind of down for no reason, no energy, and I just felt BLAH. I started looking at my diet and paying attention to what I was actually eating everyday. I realized how much SUGAR was in my diet and I also realized I wasn’t getting enough protein. When I really studied it more deeply, I discovered my problem… Refined sugar!! Refined sugar is found in most sweets, sodas, white breads, and pastas, virtually all “fat free” and “low fat” snacks, fruit juices, yogurts, energy drinks, most Starbucks drinks (including many coffees), sauces (ketchup, BBQ sauces, mayo, pasta sauces), and countless other packaged foods. It has now been shown to make us cranky, causes us to make rash decisions, and sometimes a little out of it. From the research, I realized I had one of these things at least once a day if not twice a day. Problem #1!! There are so many other issues that sugar is linked to and I knew this could actually be the main factor for all of mine. Lack of sleep, acne problems and lack of energy. After several weeks of researching diets, organic foods and every detox out there, I realized I needed to do a detox. I decided on a 30 day detox because I did not want to make myself crazy and/or kill anyone! I was officially cutting out refined sugar for 30 days! Not only would I have to cut out my once-a-day Diet Coke but I would have to cut down on white breads and pastas and those deceptively “healthy” yogurts with fake fruity sauces added for taste. I do love my daily coffee with a few packets of Splenda. Aspartame has ZERO benefits and that is something I really wanted to cut completely. I knew I was up for a challenge.

Now please note that for the 30 days I did not give up sugar entirely, only refined sugar. I ate plenty of natural sugar—those found primarily in fruits, and the ones that the body turns into glucose from the meats, fats, and carbs we eat. Without the consumption of natural sugars, the body would not have enough fuel to survive for long. One last critical point: I didn’t change my daily calorie intake during my journey. I stuck to eating between 1,900 and 2,100 calories a day, just as I do when I eat a diet with refined-sugar foods. I also kept to my normal exercise regimen but maybe a little less running every morning.


Down 5 pounds

7-8 hours un-interrupted sleep

Clear skin

No afternoon crash

 Less bloated

Increased Energy

There are probably more benefits from doing this detox that I don’t even know about but these are the obvious. I can not stress enough how sugar really does affect the skin. Now, I know if I were to completely do away with caffeine it would probably improve my skin even more but no sugar really does make a difference. I only lost 5 pounds from the detox but I honestly was not expecting to lose weight. I know I took in more carbs that normal during this process but I have read that is normal. I replaced some of my sweets with carb loaded foods. I am eating more Paleo based meals and recipes which are amazing! I am not totally Paleo (yet) but I do agree with the program and meal choices. I am also a HUGE fan of LaCroix water (carbonated, naturally flavored) which pretty much helped me survive this detox. For more of an in-depth look at my top five benefits from this detox, keep reading:

Improved Sleep

But mood and mental clarity weren’t the only benefits I noticed by the final days of my refined-sugar-free diet. Sleep is a critical part of mental health. Not only does it give the conscious mind respite from the day’s activities, it helps flush out toxins from the brain. A good night’s sleep also helps make us smarter. Your insulin levels are regulated when your blood sugars are balanced. This promotes good sleep patterns and gives you consistent energy, which also reduces fatigue and means you can focus more. I had no expectation that giving up refined sugar would help me sleep better, but it did. On average, by Day 6 or 7, I fell to sleep within 10 minutes of lying down. Before I cut refined sugars from my diet, it usually took me about 30 minutes to an hour to fall to sleep. I also discovered I began waking up earlier and more naturally and that it wasn’t as hard to get out of bed in the morning.

No more energy slumps:

Everyday at 3pm when I was lacking energy, I would grab a Diet Coke or make coffee. This became so routine that I would start getting minor headaches if I did not have one. Sure, they gave me a quick energy boost but the more I thought about it I realized they actually would drain more energy which left me more exhausted, irritable, and craving another pick-me-up. Because these foods are broken down very quickly, blood sugar levels rise and the brain stops producing orexin, the neuropeptide responsible for feeling alert. It’s not surprising I couldnt focus on anything once lunch time has passed. Unfortunately, most people are adapted to using sugar as their source of energy, which burns much quicker, leaving them struggling to stay awake. I am one of them and I didnt realize what I was doing to my body. Now, I reach for a banana with almond butter or a Quest Bar to get me through the afternoon. Dont get me wrong, I still have my Diet Coke every now and then but more for a reward than a daily ritual. There are so many healthier snacks that I was missing out on that have NO refined sugar. Here is a list of my favorite snacks with natural sugars:

1 banana with spoonful of almond butter

Quest Bar

Raw veggies with organic hummus

Avocado Toast

Banana/Peanut Butter Smoothie

Reduce Inflammation:

There are several factors that cause bloating and inflammation and most of them have to do with the foods we eat. In addition, sugar and white flour are acidic foods and experts believe this is a major cause of chronic inflammation. Given that the average American consumes more than 130 pounds of sugar and 133 pounds of flour per year, it’s not surprising that so many people are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and a host of other inflammation related issues. Once I cut out the sugar and replaced them with natural, healthier options like fruits, vegetables and complex carbs, there was a decrease in the bloating and inflammation.

Clearer Skin:

I’m forever on the hunt for perfect skin. I’ve bought way too many products and tried far too many treatments that all promised to transform my acne-prone skin into a porcelain complexion. While some things work as a temporary fix, nothing has actually forever changed my skin. While there’s no evidence that directly links a bad diet to acne, sugar has been shown to age the skin. During the first week I was on the diet, I did see major differences. Not only did I lose two pounds, but my skin looked noticeably clearer. At the time, I thought maybe it was because I just switched facial cleansers. But as soon as I went back to my unhealthy eating habits, the blemishes started popping up again. Whether or not science has declared it, I saw for myself the direct link between diet and acne.

Unexpected Weightloss

The final thing I want to mention about my refined-sugar-free diet was its effect on my weight. I did not undertake this experiment to shed pounds, and since this wasn’t a weight-loss diet, I kept eating the same number of calories as before. I also ate plenty of fats (red meat, avocados) and plenty of carbs and natural sugars (from fruit, veg, and whole grains). The only thing that I changed about my diet is I eliminated any calories from refined sugars.

The reason is though my calorie intake remained the same, my body was no longer fighting a constant battle of trying to process refined-sugar. Sugar spikes your blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as disrupting your neurotransmitters in the brain, which increases fat storage. Eating more protein, fiber, fruit, and vegetables increases your metabolism, and your body burns it off more efficiently. It really isn’t just about the calories but about the quality of foods you eat and the way your body processes them.

Is Sugar Free right for you?? 

After 30 days of eating a refined-sugar-free diet, I can honestly say my assumptions about the effects of my previous diet on my body were wrong. I feel as if a veil has been lifted and I finally get the reason why your body needs the healthy foods.

Throughout the first week my body was eliminating fat, I was gaining muscle, and my energy levels spiked. The longer I live this way the better I feel and the more energy I have. It also makes me feel confident that I can take care of myself and teach my family healthy eating habits without being super strict with eating guidelines. I think the biggest misconception about a Paleo program is that it’s a carb free diet. I actually eat lots of carbs. I eat more fruit, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and plantains than I ever have in my entire life. I also track my protein intake. Making sure you eat enough protein everyday is HUGE! We need protein!

Mentally, I feel better than I have in years. I’m happier, more aware, and more focused. I sleep better without any disruptions and wake more refreshed than ever—I haven’t felt this energetic since I was a teenager. My relationship with hunger has also changed. Sure, I still get hungry—just nowhere near as often. Eating a diet free from refined sugars fills me up and keeps me full for seven or eight hours. This has changed my concept of what my previous “hunger pains” actually were. I now realize that prior to this diet, most of the times I had felt “hungry”—every three hours or so—it was my body reaching out for another sugar hit. It wasn’t true hunger.

As for those previous daily sweet cravings I assumed were perfectly natural: sugar in my coffee? Don’t even miss it. Those shelves full of candy bars at the check out? When I take my son for donuts I don’t HAVE to buy 2-3 chocolate donuts, I can just have a couple of his donut holes. Weaning myself off refined sugars has also allowed my body to reset what it perceives as sweet. For the first time in my life, the richness of the flavors of fruits and vegetables pop when I eat them. Going sugar free was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, and it was life-changing in that it taught me to become far more aware of what is in my food and the effects those ingredients have over my physical, mental, and emotional well being. I now feel more satisfied with less sugar, have a deeper appreciation for the foods I do eat, and I have been better able to define what “in moderation” really means.

If you have thought about doing a detox or trying to be sugar free, please feel free to ask any questions or if you just want more food ideas, I have lots of snack ideas and recipes I love. There is so much I learned from this that I feel like I could just go on and on but it is Friday!!

Have you ever done a detox and what are some things you learned from it? What is something you are wanting to change but are just not sure how to?

Brittany 🙂


5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Who’s ready for some “tacos and tequila” and a little bit of salsa dancing??!?!?!…. Yes?… Same, because Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow!!

More than just tacos and tequila, celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Texas is full of rich, cultural offerings and fun for the whole family. From the first annual Mariachi Festival to the 30th annual Fiesta Old Town, this fifth of May find yourself the perfect place to celebrate the music, food and fun of the Mexican culture. I love this holiday because of my love for Mexican food and margaritas but more so the atmosphere and crowd at a restaurant. Everyone in Texas comes together and celebrates in style but sometimes we do celebrate a little too hard… 🙂

 History: Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day. That’s actually commemorated on September 16. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican army‘s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. This victory led to the freedom and democracy of the American Civil War. The celebration originated from Mexicans in California wanting to show their support to Puebla. In 2005 the U.S. Congress passed a resolution to request the president to recognize the historical significance of this date. Cinco de Mayo is hands-down more popular here in the United States than in Mexico.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate this awesome holiday that I look forward to every year:

1. A night out

Enjoy the holiday by celebrating with your family, or friends at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Ones with live Mariachi bands are the BEST!!!

Research your local Mexican restaurants for specials or live music. Most places will have drink specials especially around happy hour. We will be posted up at Uncle Julios for happy hour! 🙂 

2. Dress the Part

cinco de mayo outfit ideas 4

cinco de mayo outfit ideas 9

An outfit for taco Tuesday, Cinco De Mayo, and every day!:

I am pretty sure these speak for themselves… I actually have a Cinco De Mayo themed shirt ready for the celebration tomorrow.

3. Host a Party/Fiesta

The mix of spring weather, colorful decorations and fantastic food and drinks makes a Cinco de Mayo celebration that much more fun. Decorations for a festive Cinco de Mayo should be bright and colorful. Think about colors and styles you’ve seen in Mexico or in photos. Bright flowers and vibrant colors like reds, greens, pinks and yellows would work best. Decorate with colorful themed party decorations to make the mood festive and fun.


Whats a celebration without a pinata?!?! This is perfect especially if you have kids. Party City, Target and local liquor stores are the best places to purchase pinatas.

DIY Fiesta Balloon Ceiling1

 Balloons and banners from Party City are affordable and easy to setup. There are also so many colors to choose from. They also provide helium pumps to help blow up the balloons!

Image result for cinco de mayo pandora station

In regards to what music to play, instead of buying CDs or song in iTunes or Google Play, you can take advantage of services like the Pandora Cinco de Mayo music station where you can enjoy listening to a variety of festive music from classic rancheras to the best Mexican mariachis of all time. Trust me, my husband is fan of these stations (lol) 🙂

4. Make festive snacks to celebrate

Pinata Cookies

Recently my kids and I decided to learn about Cinco de Mayo- because while it literally translates to the "The 5th of May" the history behind this holiday runs much deeper than just a date on a calendar. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Kids!

Taquitos, Quesadillas and Mini Tacos – Fiesta Super Store

7 Layer Bean Dip Cups

Sombrero Cookies

5. Margaritas, Tequila & Tacos

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo by serving Mexican food for dinner! Get the kids involved by having them pick out their favorite meal and have them help prepare the fiesta! Whether your make you own guacamole or pick some up at the grocery store, try to serve Mexican-inspired foods. From dips and chips to main dishes, Mexican food can be easy to make or order.

Chicken Tostadas

Chicken Tostados

Classic Guac kicked up

Basic Quacamole

Cervezas and margaritas seem to top the list of Mexican-inspired drinks to serve for a Cinco de Mayo party! I have linked some specialty drink recipes below:

Pineapple Margarita

pineapple marg

Skinny Blackberry Margarita

Skinny Blackberry Margaritas | Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita

Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita

If you’re lucky to live near or know of a grocery store that sells Mexican Coca-Cola, scoop some up! It’s Coca-Cola that is made and bottled in Mexico and sold in small, thick glass bottles. The difference is that refined cane sugar is used in Mexican Coke instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Trust me, there is a difference!

Happy Cinco De Mayo & Olé!

What are your plans for Cinco De Mayo? Do you have annual celebrations or parties?

Brittany 🙂


Sugar Free Sangria

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Being that we are already in May, I thought I would do something a little different and kick off Spring with some fun! I have done some experimenting with food and drinks over the last month and actually discovered an amazing & healthy (somewhat) drink! Sugar-free Sangria !!!!

What?!?!…. That’s Correct!!! It is pretty much amazing! I wanted to drink something besides dry, red wine for this detox and I love Sangria. Why not make one that fits my diet AND doesn’t make me bloated. I know there are so many ways to make Sangria but I also know that it is possible to make a healthier drink that wont kill you on the calories. I have also discovered LaCroix water trying to stay away from Diet Coke. Let me tell you…. this stuff is amazing!!! It helps replace the carbonation craving and rather than reaching for a soda, this will help curve the craving! There are so many flavors and they are all delicious. I decided to add some to my Sangria and I am so glad I did 🙂

  • 2 bottles red wine (I used Pinot Noir (dryest))
  • ¼ cup La Croix Cranberry Sparkling Water
  • ¼ cup club soda
  • 3 oranges (thinly sliced)
  • 1 lemon (thinly sliced)
  • 1 lime (thinly sliced)
  • ¼ cup apples
  • ¼ cup cherries (pitted)
  • ¼ cup raspberries
  1. Mix all ingredients together in large pitcher.
  2. Chill in fridge and add ice.

Feel free to change the fruits up to what ever you have available. One of my favorite sangria mixes was mainly berries but there was Brandy and Grand Marnier mixed in. Try it out.

What are some specialty drinks you are loving? Any healthy drinks you think I need to try?

Brittany 🙂