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Peace Out 2016, Hello 2017!

Looking back at 2016 like.. Bye Felicia!!! 🙂

New Years is here? It freaks me out, honestly. A new year means new responsibilities and new opportunities and I’m ready to take them dead on. I’m writing out goals. I’m finishing up last year’s resolutions and making new ones. I am also rounding up some amazing moments from this past year! I just want to thank all of you for being amazing! For following this little space I like to share my favorite things. Thanks for all the support!

A look back at some of the most memorable moments from 2016:

30 Day Sugar Free Diet

7 Amazing Things that Happen When you Quit Sugar

I heard so many great things about doing a body reset and going sugar free. I wanted to give it a try but only for 30 days. I cut it all cold turkey and it was pretty tough. I learned a lot of ways sugar affects your body. I did change some for the long-term but definitely could not give it up completely. It was a great learning experience and body reset. Check out my experience here.

WE Bought A House!!


We finally bought our very first home together! It was a long and lengthy process but totally worth it. My husband really did everything and all the dirty work. I just signed my name 5 billion times 🙂 Check out our whole moving experience here.

One Year Blogiversary!


I officially celebrated my one year blogiversary this past September! I’ve met some pretty amazing people through this little slice of the blogosphere and have had some pretty great opportunities. The opportunity to be myself and share all of my interests tops the list. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my writing since this blog started. It’s amazing how far my content and photography has developed and grown in the space of one year and even my knowledge and skill on WordPress has managed to build a little!

I also shared some things I have learned as a blogger in this post!

I’m Addicted to Spinning


I took my first spin class this summer and fell in love! Dont get me wrong, it was super tough at first but now I love going. I have done SoulCycle three times but I do not live close to one so I usually take spin class at my local gym. It is such a great workout and the class goes by super fast! Check out my review from this summer here.

Launched my own self-hosted website


I officially launched KingdomofSequins this fall! It took some hard work and late nights but it is totally worth it. Thanks again to all of you for even making this website possible. I cant thank all of you for your continuous support and friendship!


I wanted to share some resolutions I’ll be working on for 2017!


1. Make More Messes: – I am a slight neat freak and everything has a place! I am trying to let loose and not be so anal about everything! I could probably take a lesson from my toddler… He is one big mess 🙂

2. Making excuses. – Be honest with yourself and others when possible. If the reason you haven’t finished updating your resume is because you’re “so busy” but you can’t actually list a single thing you actually are doing, you’re just making excuses. It’s okay to put things off occasionally, but at least acknowledge that you’re doing just that instead of making excuses as to why you’re not doing them.

3. Saying no out of fear. – We all miss out on so many opportunities and experiences because we’re afraid, but sometimes it’s best to throw caution to the wind and say “F*$k it!” and just do it. Before you say no to an opportunity or experience, ask yourself why you’re saying no. If it’s because you genuinely have other plans or can’t afford it, that’s fine but if it’s because you’re afraid, dare yourself to just say yes!

4. Listen more, argue less – Getting married has shown me that it is not about me anymore, its about us. I think its normal for couples to fight and argue every now and then but making an effort to really listen is what I need to work on. I always think I need to be right and that isn’t always the case. I am the one to run to the other room and ignore the situation if I don’t get my way. I need to stay and talk it out and not run away. My husband being 7 years older than me has shown me to mature and grow up and not to sweat the small stuff. It just isnt worth it. I am blessed to have him in my life and I know we can get through anything.

5. SLOW DOWN!! –  I think this could be #1 for everyone. I am constantly go, go, go all the time and I never just stop and enjoy the moment. I think its normal to be in a rush sometimes especially if you are running late or trying to meet a deadline. But I have noticed that I am always rushing to get somewhere, clean, rushing around at work, driving, getting ready or running errands. I never just stop and savor the moment. I really want to work on this everyday!


So have you taken some time to get your priorities in order? I’d love to hear how you’re starting 2017 with a bang.


PS: Make every moment count before midnight! 🙂


It is truly a blessing to have so much support surrounding my blog. Thank you for being the most loyal readers on the web! Love you all!



Brittany 🙂





Insta-Favs Roundup

We are halfway through the last week of 2016! Wow! What a year….

A roller coaster full of so many beautiful ups and downs, life-changing moments, and exciting wins.  I think it’s safe to say it has been one of the best years yet for me! I feel like I have grown in monumental ways and learned so much along the way. And with that — I’m so unbelievably excited to see what opportunities 2017 has in store for me. I am so grateful to all of you for the support and friendships. I wouldn’t have this little thing I like to call a blog without your support! I foresee a lot of exciting stuff in the future and I am hoping to grow KingdomofSequins! Today, I wanted to do a roundup of some of my favorite Instagram outfits. I hope to post a lot more Instagram and looks to the blog. For those of you not signed up for – these Instagram roundups are the perfect way for you all to shop the more ‘casual,’ ‘effortless,’ and ‘everyday’ looks that I’m continuously posting to my favorite social media platform. Just simply register your email to have all outdit details sent straight to your inbox! It’s too easy…

I have linked everything below from my favorite outfits from this year!


Top//Shorts//Shoes//Bag (old)//Hat//Necklace (gift)

stripes & Leopard

Dress / Vest / Shoes (similar)


Top / Shorts / Clutch (similar) / Necklace


Top (sold out) / Shorts / Sandals / Purse


Top / Vest / Jeans / Hat / Shoes

boho dress & vest

Dress / Vest / Hat / Boots / Clutch

mustard sweater & leopard

Sweater / Shorts / Belt

Plaid & Distressed Jeans

Top / Vest / Jeans / Shoes / Hat / Necklace

Plaid & Sequins

Top / Skirt / Belt / Tights / Shoes / Necklace / Clutch

New Years Eve Outfit

Jacket / Skirt / Top / Choker / Clutch 

What are some of your favorite trends from 2016?

Brittany 🙂


Bring in the New Year in Style

Hello Friends!

I am back from a much needed Christmas break and sad it is over! Why can’t we just Christmas ALL YEAR!?!?

With that being said, Christmas has come and gone and we’re already closing out December! And as such, it’s about that time to start thinking about your New Years Eve plans and figuring out what your night’s going to look like. For those of you who already know you’re going to end up at some sort of party (versus a laid back event), I’ve  got some fun and flashy New Years Eve outfit ideas to help you start thinking of options. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sparkles and pops of color in today’s post. There are even shoe and accessory suggestions to help you find the perfect outfit to wear while ringing in the new year.

I have linked everything below to shop! 🙂

NYE Dresses & Rompers

Shop The Looks:


NYE Skirts & Pants

Shop The Looks:




NYE Accessories

Shop The Pieces:




What are your plans for NYE?

Every year we end up throwing something together last minute. We still haven’t nailed down our exact plans yet, but (of course) I already have my outfit options planned.

Brittany 🙂


Last Minute Stocking Stuffers Under $50

4 DAYS Y’ALL!!!!


We are rolling along Christmas Week and time is ticking for those last minute gifts! I am going to be busy the next few days getting our house ready for family and wrapping presents.


I’m wrapping up this weeks posts with some fun Stocking Stuffer ideas, all of which are under $50! They would also make great little additions to a gift that still needs just a little something, or even a Secret Santa gift. I actually purchased some of these as stocking stuffers and gifts for friends. I would LOVE to have ALL of these in my stocking 🙂 I’ve had a lot of fun putting these gift guides together over the holidays and I hope some of them have helped you! So lets get to it, and be sure to let me know what you’re putting on your wish list this year! And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS BABES!!! 🙂

Happy Shopping!



La La Champagne Flute // Leopard Print Scarf // Kate Spade Socks // Anthropologie Mug // Too Faced Palette  // Leopard Clutch  // Berries Scented Candle // NARS Nail Polish // Triple Sec Spray // Knit Beanie // Ear Buds // Champagne Gummy Bears // Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag




What are some gifts you have purchased so far? I love hearing about all new ideas 🙂

Brittany 🙂


Christmas Morning Jammies

Holiday Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas

One of my FAVORITE family Christmas tradition’s are holiday pajamas!! Every Christmas Eve, I get matching pajamas for me and my cousins! After we unwrap our PJ’s, we change into them for the rest of the night playing games and unwrapping presents. It never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit! I wanted to share a Christmas morning look (bare-face and all) that you can re-create with your family! (Disclaimer: Please excuse my silly smirks as my husband was dancing to the Christmas music in the background 😛 )

These pajamas were a recent purchase from Target and I am so obsessed with them. They are THE softest material and are ridiculously comfortable. I could not find the top online but I have linked similar one’s below. I also recently snagged the slippers I’m wearing from Marshall’s and they are a new favorite for me. I love the look and feel of the UGG slippers, and these are a perfect dupe for under $40! I am also obsessed with these from TJMaxx with the gold trim. They are an absolute essential for your winter wardrobe.

This red pom beanie is literally my savior for this time of year. Bed head and dirty hair dont stand a chance and its so perfect for Christmas morning! It also comes in eight other colors so you dont look like you wear the same hat everyday like me! 🙂

Shop This Look & Other Styles:




What are some Christmas traditions you do with your family?

Brittany 🙂