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Boho Dress + OTK Boots

Boho Dress

boho dress

Happy Hump Day babes! 🙂

Ohh the ‘ol boho dress and over the knee boots combo…one of my absolute favorites for fall!! This paisley print dress in particular is quite magical on its own, let alone with a pair of killer OTK boots and a stunning structured handbag in the most beautiful cream color. I posted a quick shot of this look to my Instagram and had a couple gals wanting details on this dress, so I figured I’d pick up the pace and get this post up asap!

 This flowy, boho dress from Seaside Boutique has become one of my new favorite pieces. Seaside Boutique, located in Southern California, has quickly become one of my favorite go to shops. They have so many great options that are chic and feminine and they all have such great price points as well!

The unique flower print and darker colors make it perfect for fall/winter months. My favorite part about this dress though is the fact that it’s only $50!!! 😋 I call it my Free People look alike dress because it resembles FP so much but was only a fraction of the price! As you can tell in the photos, it was super windy that day. There is an extra layer underneath since it is a little sheer and it actually helped keep the dress down. The tie at the waist makes it super flattering and form fitting. I love the big, flowy sleeves and the deep v-neck cut of the dress. It actually got me really excited for Spring! Here’s to hoping there will only be a few more winter posts left!! #NeedSandAndSun ☀️

My boots are from Gray Monroe and Y’ALL (yes worthy of all caps 😉 ), you neeeeeed these!! If you’re looking for a gorgeous pair of OTK boots to wear with dresses or over jeans or leggings, these are THE ones! Once again, the price is pretty darn incredible because most good quality OTK boots are well over $250…thus, better shop ’em while they’re still around.


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Brittany 🙂


New Year, New Smile + Giveaway

Happy Monday Friends!!! I am starting out the week with an exciting product review of something I have been wanting to try for a while — Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit!!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Have you tried at home whitening kits with custom trays? Crest white stripes, whitening mouth wash and UV light have never worked for me. I have always wanted to try professional teeth whitening, but I could never get myself to pay the insane amount that it costs (usually around $650-ouch!) So, I was super excited to give in home trays a try since I have always heard good things about them. Smile Brilliant is an amazing company that shows instant and long term teeth whitening results. What I love about Smile Brilliant is that unlike other teeth whitening kits, Smile Brilliant gives you the ability to create your own custom impressions at home, send them to their specialists + bam, you have your own custom fit teeth whitening trays to help you get your best smile. In this blog post, I wanted to break down a step by step run through of what all is included in the kit, how much it costs, and what actual results look like!

The Smile Brilliant kit was really well packaged and labeled! There were super clear instructions explaining the purpose of each item in the kit, how to use them, and how to prep for the next step of the process.

Image result for smile brilliant teeth whitening kit blog post

Making the putty for the impressions was super simple. By mixing together a base paste and a catalyst paste and filling up the trays, it literally only took two minutes to take the impression.

I repeated the same steps to make a second batch of putty for the bottom tray, and voila! The whole process of reading through the instructions, creating the putties, and making the impressions took about 10 minutes. I let the impressions dry overnight and then packaged them up in the prepaid bubble envelope provided by Smile Brilliant to have the trays made.

I received my trays back within a week and they fit perfectly. The kit comes with a number of tubes of whitening gel, which you squeeze into the trays and leave on for as long as you wish. On my first time, I left the gel on for around 1 hour – there was a slight tingling, but it wasn’t at all painful. They do provide Desentizing Gel for senstive gums/teeth that you apply after the whitening process. I did not use it as my teeth didn’t bother me. The whitening process itself is even easier than making the impressions. I actually only whitened my bottom teeth about four times and used the rest of the gel for the top.

I’m so happy with my results. After just several weeks, my teeth are noticeably whiter. Any yellow staining is gone, and my teeth are back to sparkling white! The best part about the process is I’m able to keep whitening or to touch up whenever necessary.

teeth whitening

This is my before and after!! I’m so impressed with this system!!!

Learn more about Smile Brilliant + try it today! PLUS you can enter their GIVEAWAY where you have the chance to WIN your own customized teeth whitening kitHERE!

PLUS, they have a money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, don’t fret Smile Brilliant has got your back!

Teeth Whitening Kit: c/o Smile Brilliant
5% discount with code “kingdomofsequins5”
*all opinions my own
Here is a SUPER informative video that is helpful if you still have a couple questions about the process 🙂
*Thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post!
Brittany 🙂


Valentines Day Inspiration

Happy Friday Babes!! 🙂 I am so ready for the weekend and more excited for Cowboys Sunday! I feel like every time I get excited for the playoffs, I jinx them and something bizarre happens at the end of the game and we lose 🙁 …… Only good vibes over here!!

Y’all, we just had the holidays, New Years and now we are a month out from Valentines Day!! That is where today’s post comes in…

Whether you’re going on a hot date or doing something fun with the girls, I’ve rounded up some Valentines Day Inspiration for you. Who doesn’t love a reason to get dressed up?! I don’t know about you, but ’m always looking for an excuse to wear sequins, fur and all the PINK!!! 🙂

Last year I went with all pink and red and I want to mix it up this year! You don’t have to just wear pink or red for Valentine’s obviously, but those colors definitely scream romantic, love and Valentine’s Day for sure!

Valentines Day

Hunter Boots / Metallic Wrap Dress / Pink Pumps / Mac Lipgloss / Fur Coat / Heart Tights / Red Leather Skirt / Black Sequin Pants / Leopard Belt / Pink Earrings / Backless Dress / Faux Fur Clutch / Ostrich Feather Tank

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Do you have any plans for Valentines Day yet?

Brittany 🙂


Fringe Pom Pom Sweatshirt Dress


Fringe Sweatshirt

Hey beauties!!! We are halfway through the first LONG week of the year 🙂

Texas weather is bananas! 30 degrees and some flurries one day and back up to 70 degrees the next!! These temperatures make getting dressed a real guessing game in the morning. I’m pretty sure I guessed right with this sweater dress from Romwe.  I love fringe, I love poms, it’s my favorite color, check, check, check. It’s such a cute look for a daytime winter outfit by adding leggings and UGGS or add some slouchy booties  for a fun night out! I wore this exact look to a fun dinner with some blogger moms and it was a big hit 🙂

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Winter Staples: Plaid Coat + Choker Sweater

Gingham plaid coat

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing long weekend! Whos ready for the National Championship tonight? I might be rooting for the underdog… 🙂

For me, the best thing about shopping outerwear mid season is that you can usually find an amazing deal. It doesn’t take me long to get bored of my winter coat so a little mid season addition to my wardrobe makes it a little more fun getting dressed. And I sure do love me a good plaid coat! Especially one that doesn’t break the bank, like this cozy black and white one (only $25!).  Plus, the longer length makes it super cozy to throw on for those cold, snowy days. In fact, it’s kind of like wearing a stylish blanket!
All of my coats are solid colors so I am very pleased to finally add something different to my coat closet.
I am still obsessed with the choker trend right, so obviously, I love the choker detail on this sweater from Romwe. It has a V-cut opening on the chest but not too deep that it will leave the two girls hanging out. 🙂 I love the zipper details on the sleeves. It adds a little edge to the sweater. I paired it with my go-to distressed jeans and my favorite slouchy booties (which I get more compliments from than anything else)… you totally need a pair!!

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What is your favorite winter piece?

Brittany 🙂