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Transitional Sweater for Fall


Happy Monday y’all! And it is a significant Monday as it is September 11th, a day that I think every American remembers. I was in the line at ChickFilA before high school when my dad called to let me and my mom know what had just happened. We still had to go to school but we watched the coverage through 1st and 2nd period then we were free to go home. Thank god because that is all I wanted to do and I know my parents were wanting to just be home as a family. It was such an eerie day! I do love knowing what other people were doing during these intense moments so share what you remember about September 11th in the comments below!!!

¬†On to today’s post, I wanted to share this amazing burgundy sweater that is the perfect transitional piece for fall. The color is so perfect fall color.


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Last Minute Nordstrom Summer Sale Picks

Alright y’all…. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Nordstrom Summer Sale yet, now is your chance!!!

I have skimmed and skimmed all the best deals and steals that are still available and I am sharing them with you today. Some of these items were part of the Anniversary Sale that have actually been marked down again, but this will only be until September 10th. So if there was something you missed out on back in July/August, here is your second chance!



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Hello, September + New Hair, Don’t Care


Happy Tuesday… Feels so good to NOT be saying Monday!

We had a great holiday weekend but boy does it go by soooooo fast! Seems like it always go faster when its a holiday than just a regular weekend. We spent Labor Day poolside, soaking up the last days of summer and then went to our neighborhood block party. But, there IS something I am excited to share with y’all…. my new hair!!!!

AND this amazing floral dress that is so versatile for fall!!!

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