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Early Access For Black Friday Featuring Old Navy


I have never been more happy to see Friday… 2 weeks without the hubby was rough but we survived! And now I have a sick doggie at home so I am going to make this a little short and sweet! I shared one of the greatest Black Friday Sales on Instagram yesterday and y’all… this stuff is going fast!!

Old Navy is giving shoppers early access to all the goodness and offering 40%-50% off ALL weekend! I stocked up on so many steals for fall/winter for the whole family and snagged stocking stuffers that ranged from $5 to $15!!!



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Tips on Surviving Black Friday + Top Amazon Deals


If you are anything like me then you are super psycho about Black Friday! Once Thanksgiving lunch/dinner is over, I am putting on my fat pants, grabbing my “sippy cup” and grabbing the hubby’s credit card 🙂 Usually me and my mom are out the door by 6pm ready to tackle the crowds. But I am ALWAYS posted up for the online shopping deals and steals the second they are released…. which for most retailers is a couple days before Black Friday!

I have been an avid Black Friday shopper for years and have learned some tips and tricks to help you survive all the madness. I wanted to share some of them with you so you can be prepped and ready to rock n roll! I mean, we are a week away from the most popular shopping day of the year! Why not be on top of your A-game and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!


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Ultimate Gift Guide For The Guys

Hey Friends…

I am here on this lovely Tuesday to bring you another gift guide for the holidays! And one that will hopefully help out anyone that has NO IDEA what to get the guy in their life or daddy dearest. For me personally, my husband is honestly the hardest one to buy for because he will always pulls the ” I really don’t need anything right now..” or ” Just give me a gift card!” jipper japper…. Uuummmmmmm NO!!!!! I don’t do gift cards bro! 🙂

I wanted to share a variety of gift ideas for all the crazy, amazing men in our life. Dad’s, Husband’s, Boyfriend’s, Best Friend’s, Brothers… even the in-laws!!! Hopefully you can get some idea’s from all of these fun, gift’s I am sharing with you!



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10 Outfit Ideas For Thanksgiving


Happy Monday Friends!!! It was a crazy weekend but we survived! My husband is away for 2 weeks for work and I am totally exhausted… but we are alive! Trying to tame a 5 year old, keep my house in order & get all of our Christmas decor up all by MYSELF!!! PHEW! My husband has one more week away from home and I think I can handle it but it hasn’t been easy! Praying this week goes by quickly and smoothly 🙂

Today, I wanted to share some outfit ideas for Thanksgiving, which is literally 11 days away! WHAT?!?! My number one goal when it comes to getting dressed for this holidays is to be comfortable. You eat so much food on that the last thing you need is the struggle of trying to button your pants after your third helping of mashed potatoes (#noshame). This year I’ve opted for these incredibly comfortable leather leggings. They are a little more acceptable than a typical legging, especially when worn with a longer top or tunic. PLUS, they are Spanx, so no one will even be able to tell how many pieces of pie you’ve had! 😉

Usually, I start the day running the Turkey Trot (mainly for the calories consumed during lunch) and we always watch the Macy’s parade. Then, my whole family will get together at my aunts for lunch but this year…..its at my house!!! #pray

At least my house is already ready for all the holidays…. Christmas decor for the win!! 🙂


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Clear The Rack Sale Picks

Ok, Ok…. I know what y’all are thinking…. Another sale Brittany?!?!…

I mean, the obsession is SSOOOOOO real!!!!!! Shopping + Nordstrom Rack + Sale = HEAVEN!!! And of course I have to share this awesome sale with y’all! The Clear The Rack event is my favorite because everything on clearance is marked down an extra 25%!!! And y’all… there are so many great gift ideas for the holidays! I think that is why I am so excited because I actually got a lot of gifts out of the way for Christmas! 🙂

The sale is going on now until Nov 12th so if there is anything you are considering, my best advice is to snag it up asap! The Rack offers free returns (aka Nordstroms best attribute lol) so you can always return something if it doesnt work out.

Check out all my picks below! 🙂



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