50 Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Tuesday! I am back from a busy weekend of judging some cheer/dance and ready to tackle this week! I really wanted to get a blog post up for you today, but didn’t feel like posting a normal one. I’ve been loving chatty, get-to-know-me type of blog posts and tags recently so that’s what I decided to do. I kept seeing the “50 Things That Make Me Happy” posts and really wanted to do this one… There are waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more than 50 things I love but these are my top 50!

“50 Things That Make Me Happy” 


1. My son
2. My husband
3. Spending time with my family
4. Looking at our wedding pictures

6. A few hours alone (doing absolutely nothing)
7. Freshly washed bed sheets
9. Fresh new pair of sneaks

10. A topping loaded frozen yogurt
11. Dancing, all kinds and not just after a few drinks
12. MAKEUP!!!
13. Dogs – mine, others dogs, all dogs
14. Laughing with my friends
15. Ice cold beer

16. Newly painted nails – there’s something so satisfying about them
17. Christmas!
18. My blogging buddies
19. Running with my lab
20. Bling, sparkle, shiny, halogram anything!

21. Thrift shopping
22. 80’s & 90’s music on repeat
23. Trina – yes, “the baddest bitch” (met her a few years ago, best day ever)  🙂

24. Cold, sunny days
25. Blogging – I know it’s obvious, but I just love blogging. Which is probably basically the same as number 18, but my blog just makes me happy!
26. Celebrating birthdays, holidays, showers, any excuse to throw a party
27. Having a good hair day
28. Teaching Dance

29. Good, dramatic reality tv
30. Making lists
31. Long weekends – they always have so much potential
32. Mexican Food
33. Leopard print everything

LOVE!! I wonder if my hubby would let me do this in our future home? :):

34. Grandma’s mashed potatoes
35. Boho inspired outfits
36. Fringe
37. Being able to run 6 miles without stopping. Small achievements lead up to big ones.
38. Knowing my friends will come to me if they want a truly honest opinion
39. Patio weather
40. Fall scented candles
41. Texas Sweet Tea
42. State Fair of Texas

43. Catching up on my favorite blogs
44. Taking my bra off at the end of the day 🙂
45. My parents marriage – married 30 years
46. Carrie Underwood


47. Crafting, Scrap-booking
48. Chocolate sprinkled donuts
49. New jeans that fit like a glove
50. Brunch. Any excuse for belgian waffles, bacon and maple syrup.

This was so much fun!!! Really makes you think about how blessed we are to have so much in this world!

Would love to learn more about you and hear about 50 things you love! I hope you consider doing this post 🙂

Brittany 🙂


  • A fresh new pair of sneaks always makes me happy! 😊😀

  • I would include so many of these on my list too, especially the clean sheets! I’m adding this to my list of posts to do. Such a great idea and like you said, makes you realized how blessed and lucky you are. Your blog and friendship makes me happy!

    • It was so fun and def made me realize how much I actually have.. Love so much. Yay for blogging friends ❤️😉

  • Love this!! We share a lot of things that make us happy!! 🙂

  • Love this !!! 🙂
    We have a lot in common x

  • OMG that you met Trina!! And I love me some leopard too!! I actually made a page on my blog just about joyful things that make me HAPPY!! I love to look back at it from time to time 🙂 🙂

    • Girl that was literally the best day ever!!! I heard her voice without even looking at her… Lol I was like the only one in the airport who was star struck!!! Huge fan! 🙌🏼

  • Loved reading this! So many I totally agree with you! 🙂

  • Loved it 😍! Esp those leopard stairs!

  • Fun stuff ! Thanks for sharing 😉

  • Beautiful list <3

  • sweetandmodern

    Ummm yes. 🙂

  • I think we would be wonderful friends! 😉 Started to go through your list + found myself nodding to each one of them! YES for parents being married 30 years [mine celebrated theirs last month] :), + Mexican, + manis, + sheets, + blogging, + fall scents, + Carrie Underwood!! Love them all 🙂

    • Yaaahhss!!!! If only we lived closer we could enjoy all of these things together 🙂 Yay for the blogging world 🙂

  • 30. Making Lists haha 🙂 Me too! I have so many lists on the notes section on my phone. And all the food ones- totally agree. When is the Texas state fair!?

    • OMG same lol – The Fair is in September and I like always dream about it!!! It gives me anxiety just thinking about the food lol

  • Love this idea! 😊

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