Birthday Weekend/Christmas Party


I dont know how I am still alive and breathing after this past weekend…. OMG!!! Going on my third cup of coffee bc well… its Monday!

Turning 30 was amazing, our company Christmas party was a success and my son turned 4 TODAY!!!! It was a struggle getting up this morning and going back to work but looking back on the celebrations, I am so blessed! My mom, husband and one of my best friends surprised me with dinner at Jake’s (best hamburgers EVER) and then we celebrated at one of my favorite bars afterwards.




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It was a blast and I am pretty sure I drank the entire bar…. My actual birthday was Saturday so I woke up not feeling too well. Needed some greasy breakfast and a large coffee!!! We had our company Christmas party that night that I was actually organizing so I had to pull myself together and get some energy from somewhere. It was an ugly sweater party and everyone looked awesome! I only got a couple pictures of my sweater as I was running around like crazy at the dinner making sure everything was perfect!



We all had a great time and everything went off without a hitch. (Thankfully!!) Waking up Sunday was a struggle… BUT it was my son’s 4th birthday party so momma didnt have time to be hungover or tired. AND it was a SUPERHERO party at that!!!! We had masks, capes, birthday cake, jumping on trampolines, bounce houses and all of the fun kid stuff!!! Everything for his party was PERFECT (thank god) and I could not have asked for a better celebration weekend!


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I can not believe four years ago I was in labor and my whole world changed forever. Being a mommy is the greatest blessing ever and he is my obsession!



He crashed without mommy turning off his light or reading to him…. And mommy was shortly after him 🙂


I had these pictures taken for his invitations and I am totally obsessed!!!

Another year in the books for these amazing celebrations and we have my husbands birthday celebration Friday. I am going to Atlanta for a BFF girls trip this weekend…. I might need to take a day off just to recover!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a quiet Monday. What were the highlights of your weekend?

Brittany 🙂




  • Sam

    Happy birthday to you and your little one! 🙂

  • Adi

    What a great weekend! Happy birthday to you both!! 🙂

  • What an amazing weekend!! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Loved your ugly christmas sweater!! 🙂

    • Thanks girl… It was a hit but slightly uncomfortable lol 🙂

  • Happy birthday to the both of you!! He is so adorable!! Love the pictures so much!!

  • Happy birthday to you and your cute son!! What a weekend!! You made that ugly sweater look awesome – love the shorts and boots with it!

  • Happy Birthday to you both. Your son is adorable!

  • Happy Birthday to your munchkin!!!

  • Your ugly Christmas sweater is amazing. So glad you had a great birthday weekend!

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