Dressing for Fall

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Its NOVEMBER!!! Which means cool weather, leaves, sweaters, scarves, boots, perfect running weather and THANKSGIVING!!!! This time of year always gives me anxiety because of how close we are to Christmas! I am literally obsessed!!!!!! I might have already gotten the tree out and decorations ready to be put up…. Christmas decorations make me so happy because of my childhood memories and the feeling of the holidays. I am actually jamming to some Christmas music as I am typing this… 🙂 I will be posting all of the awesome Christmas decorations I recently purchased at Hobby Lobby very soon… So backtracking from one holiday to the next, Halloween was a blast with Ridge. He wanted to be Batman this year and I was not going to deny him of that… remember, what Ridge wants, Ridge gets lol 🙂

His school had a Halloween parade Friday and all of the kids got to wear their costumes… It rained ALL day Friday so the parade was moved inside to one of the music rooms. They were all soooo precious and seeing the babies dressed up gave me baby fever again. No, I do not want any more children (at the moment) but seeing babies in Halloween costumes is like the best thing ever! Every class walked around the room showing off their costumes and Ridge was just eating this up…. 🙂


His best buddy Carter was Spiderman so they were the superhero’s of the class 🙂


Halloween day was still rainy and wet so we were not too sure if we would get to go trick or treating…. Batman was certain it was going to stop raining! And sure enough…. the skies cleared up and we were rain free for the rest of the night! Batman had been in full costume and superhero mode since about 3pm so mommy was READY!!! Here is my Batman ready to trick or treat 🙂


Crazy how fast Halloween comes and goes and every year and it just gets better and better. He really gets into the character and loves going from house to house saying “twick or tweat” 🙂

Now we are in November and there is a chill in the air here in Dallas! It was cool enough yesterday to bring out the leather jacket and one of my favorite blanket scarves from Shop the Mint.

plaid 2

This scarf is sold out at the moment but you can put your email address in and they will notify you when its back in stock. It is the perfect length to wrap around your neck and thickness to keep you warm. The colors are perfect for fall and will go with anything. I paired it with this super edgy leather jacket from Nordstrom Rack. It is still on sale so grab it for the holidays.

plaid 3

I had a 6 am work meeting that morning so it was a top bun kind of hair day. These (were) my favorite leggings from Target but as I was taking these photos I accidentally snagged a hole in them from running into a bench. If you look closely you will see the fabulous hole on my leg 🙂 I guess that is my excuse to get some new ones!!!


I just love how comfy this outfit was and I am so obsessed with the colors of this scarf! It is perfect for running errands! I had a doctors appointment after my meeting and grocery shopping to do! Stay tuned for more fall inspired outfits that I will hopefully not ruin while snapping some quick photos 🙂

Brittany 🙂






  • Love this outfit!! Super cute! I am totally eyeing that blanket scarf! I have been seeing them everywhere lately and totally need one! Also, I’m totally in the same boat…I want Christmas here and want to decorate! I actually just found a Hobby Lobby near me and can’t wait to go pick out some stuff!

    • Thanks girl! Get ready to be addicted to Hobby Lobby!…. It is literally heaven 🙂

      • I can’t wait!!! My boyfriends mom told me the same thing!! I am ready!! I just don’t know if my wallet is… lol

  • I WANT/NEED a plaid scarf!! And your lil Batman is the cutest ever!

    • You should totally get one!!! They are super comfy….. Thanks, I wish he could be little forever 🙂

  • I love that leather jacket!

  • SUPER cute outfit!! I need that scarf-blanket scarves are my new obsession and I need more in my closet! You have no idea how happy it makes me that you are Christmas obsessed… so am I and I am dying to get the music on and décor up ASAP! Can’t wait to see all your new stuff from Hobby Lobby- that store is dangerous!

    • Yes girl blanket scarves go with everything!!! I know the obsession is real… My husband is like can we get through Thanksgiving first…. Yes, with Christmas decorations and holiday cheer!!! 🙂

      • Exactly! I love Thanksgiving, by no means am I trying to skip it like people think… I don’t see why adding Christmas lights seems to ruin it for others… the 3-4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is not nearly enough time to enjoy all the cheer!

  • Love this scarf😍😍😍

  • maketodayahollyday

    Love the scarf!!

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