Its Here!! #NSALE Early Access Sale Picks


Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (Early Access) starts TODAY!  If you want to shop it early and don’t have a card yet, click here to open a Nordstrom card and your early access to the sale will be available immediately.  So I know it’s so hard to think about Fall, when it’s 90+ degrees in many places, like it is here, but I like to think of this sale as a little bonus.  You get to stock up on everything from back-to-school clothes for the kids, to fun new pieces that you’ll be wearing all Fall-Winter long.  The worst mistake you can make is wait until the sale ends in August and all the prices go back up, and you regret pieces you shoulda-woulda scored at better prices. It’s also a great sale, because the best brands are included.  Tory Burch, Hunter, Rebecca Minkoff, Michele Watches, and Theory just to name a few.

Not only is it a great time to stock up on your fall wardrobe, but the sale includes accessories, beauty specials, and home decor. But do keep in mind, things sell out insanely fast. There have been times that I’ve sworn that I had to be one of the first people trying to buy an item, and by the time I get to check-out, I find out that it’s already sold out. I suggest buying two different sizes.  Nordstrom has a great return policy, and offers free shipping on returns.  That way you have your size before the item sells out.  Also, if your size does sell out, keep checking back, as it may be restocked or returned.

Have you used Nordstrom’s curbside pick-up? It’s a gem for a mom who doesn’t want to take her kids out of the carseat….or have them tear a department store apart.  Really it’s an amazing service for anyone.  Shop online and get the items the same day.

I am sharing all my favorite items from womens, mens, kids, beauty and home items. Without further ado, here are my absolute favorite pics, that are sure to sell out quickly.



Stay tuned for more updates and sale picks! I will update items that are out of stock or have been restocked throughout the entire sale.

Happy Shopping!

Brittany 🙂