Labor Day Treats


Is it the weekend yet?!?!

I have been in the holiday celebration mode since Monday and love making fun snacks and drinks to celebrate. We have a couple different things going on for the long weekend and most of them will consist of yummy holiday treats. I have a feeling something will end up at our house at one point so I have prepared lots of great snack ideas to keep everyone happy. I have actually made all of these treats at some point and love them all. I have linked them all below. I hope at least one of these makes it to your celebration 🙂


Red White and Blue Bark




Tortellini Kabobs



Watermelon Feta Salad



Black Bean Salsa



Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches



Southern Style Baked Beans



Taco Salad Flag



 Boozy Sparkling Lemonade



What are your Labor Day Weekend Plans?