Olive Green Jumper + Buddy Love Event

Well friends, back to Monday but I am not too upset since we are officially in one of my favorite months… MAY! AND its Cinco De Mayo week!! Whoop Whoop!!

Last week, I got to attend a fun blogger event in Dallas with some awesome blogging friends. One of my favorite boutiques, Buddy Love, was hosting a birthday bash for a local radio host, Caroline Kraddick. If you are familiar with her, she is the CEO of Kidds Kidds, a local charity for kids diagnosed with cancer. All proceeds went to Kidds Kidds which is amazing! It was a blast getting to meet some local influencers while sipping on some drinks and munching on snacks.

I wanted to share some photos and what I wore to the event. I recently found the comfiest, olive green jumpsuit that is super flattering!

military green jumpsuit

(Some fabulous blogging friends/momma’s , L to R: Misty @ HEELS &  HUGS, Jennifer @ The Sister Studio , Mary @ Miss Mary Powers )

By now you should recognize my love for neutral pieces. This olive jumpsuit just screams neutral and because the weather in Dallas is so unpredictable, I grabbed my favorite denim jacket. It’s a great transition piece because of the color and length. And of course, another love of mine was included in this look, animal print, which I recently shared last week and I can’t just can’t get over it! I found this one that is literally EVERYTHING!!! I am also loving the neck scarf trend that I keep seeing everywhere…. I am totally digging it with this one I found! I also paired these brown sandals I found at Marshalls that were a big hit!

I am so glad I got to take part in this event because not only is BuddyLove one of my favorite lines and I’m obsessed with their clothes but everyone was super nice and helpful! All of their pieces are on trend, they’re super-comfy and the colors and patterns are great. Plus, there are lots of off-the-shoulder numbers to choose from, and you know that’s my fave! We are actually having a local mom blogger happy hour Tuesday that I am SO EXCITED for!! Anytime there are drinks + crazy moms involved, you know its going to be a great time! Stay tuned to Insta-Stories for all the festivities!!! 🙂

Have a great week friends!! 

Brittany 🙂

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Currently Craving: Palm Print


Hola Amigos!!!

I am currently en route to Mexico as you are reading this… It is bright and early but momma is READY!!!

This post will be short and sweet but I wanted to share this amazing jumpsuit with y’all!!!

Palm print jumpsuit

While summer isn’t officially here just yet, it is finally feeling like it! I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to for bright colors and to fully embrace the palm print trend! And I’m more than excited that I finally found the perfect one! This jumpsuit from Hazel and Olive Boutique is simply amazing!! Its super comfy and the cutout in the back is so unique. I love this for day to night transitions when I am running around during the day but I have an event or dinner at night. Unfortunately, this one is sold out but I LOVE this one and this one !! I am hoping it gets restocked very soon!! 🙂

For this casual vibe, I paired it with blue fringe sandals I snagged at Marshalls! I decided to have a little fun and add more fringe with my favorite fringe clutch! This is going to be making an appearance in Playa!!

Hope y’all have an awesome week!

Brittany 🙂

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What To Pack For An All-Inclusive Getaway & Blog Survey/Giveaway

If you’re sick of cold weather, raise your hand. I am now sitting in front of my laptop with both my arms high up in the air like I just don’t care. But in actuality, I do care…a lot! I care about Spring and all the warm sunshine!! And I care about a little dream getaway that the hubby and I will be going on Wednesday!!  We are headed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for our actual “real” honeymoon!! We are staying at an all-inclusive resort that has literally EVERYTHING! After the craziest three months at my job, I am beyond ready for this!

Since we will be heading to the beach, I’ve got a quick system down for packing that I thought  I would share with you all. Fun fact, growing up I would always pack for a trip like a week in advance. We used to go to church camp for a week every summer and I would get so excited that I would pack the Sunday before we were supposed to leave haha! Although I am not that good of a planner anymore, I still do like to set items aside for a trip as I think of them. I wanted to share some things to make sure you need and DONT need for an all-inclusive getaway!

packing essentials


  • Passport: Don’t forget this #1 travel essential! You’ll need it at the airport and when landing in a new country, and also for documentation throughout your stay
  • Cash: Your stay is all inclusive, but generally this does not include tipping the very large staff that will be helping you throughout your stay. You’ll also want cash if you plan on leaving the resort to explore or go on any excursions.
  • Credit Card: Just be sure to check what your international charges will be before you go, so there are no surprises when you get back!
  • Swimwear: I recommend bringing 2-4 swimsuits. You’ll always want to have a dry suit available. I also always bring one black swimsuit in case I want to do an excursion where things get messy.
  • Cover ups: I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with cover ups. You’ll want these for walking around the resort, or eating breakfast/lunch before hitting the beach, as well as for protection from the sun…speaking of which…
  • Lotions and Sun Protection Don’t leave home without sunscreen!! I have very fare skin and usually burn easily. I want to have a nice tan when I return but I do have to wear sunscreen since the rays are harsher in Mexico. Its also a good idea to pack Aloe vera for the inevitable sunburn. Remember, apply sunscreen 45 minutes before you’re in the sun and reapply every hour or so after swimming or sweating.
  • Bug repellent. Do some research on your beach, but from my experience, bugs can be killer at night time! They make bug bracelets but I also love these bug repellent wipes. They’re easy to throw in your bag and you never have to worry about spills!
  • Dresses/Dress Clothes: Most all inclusive resorts have casual dining spots during the day, and more formal dining options and restaurants all night. Ladies, you’ll want dresses and skirts. Gentlemen, think pants and collared shirts. You may even want to check in advance to see if your resort had any dress code for certain restaurants. I’d prepare 4-6 options, and try to bring skirts/tops that mix and match well.
  • A warmer layer: While the weather is usually amazing at an all inclusive, sometimes air conditioning is chilly or you’ll find yourself just a bit too cool in a tank top.
  • Shoes: I recommend bringing 1 pair of flip flops for the beach, 1 pair of dressier sandals, 1 pair of gym shoes if you’d like to work out or wear them on an excursion, and 1 pair of beachy heels/wedges to wear at night.
  • Phone and charger: This is one thing I always forget!  Have your phone charged the night before travel in case of emergencies. If you do forget a charger, they have them everywhere on the strips
  • Your own cup! For those who are looking to take advantage of the never ending margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, and piña coladas available at your report, you might want to consider bringing your own insulated cup to keep your drinks cool while you bask in the sun. I saw seasoned all-inclusive goers with these all around the resort, and must admit it was absolute genius!



I hope these must-haves helped for any future vacation getaway’s. Everyone is different but these are definitely some essentials I cant leave with without.

I also wanted to do a blog survey for all the readers of KingdomofSequins to better understand how I can improve and make it better. I would love any and all feedback and honest opinions. Dont worry about hurting my feelings if you totally hate everything about the blog lol {which I hope you dont.. 🙂  } I am also doing a giveaway for everyone that fills out the survey! Just fill out the survey and you are automatically entered. Its a Win, Win for all of us!!  🙂

I will be revealing the winner next week!!



Create your own user feedback survey


As always, thanks so much for reading the blog and being amazing!! I am grateful for each and every one of you!!!

Brittany 🙂

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10 Ways to Help Build Your Blog

As bloggers, we all desire to have a following that’s interested in what we have to say and engages with our content. I know that the more engaged my audience is and the more they interact with my blog, the more likely they are to stick around as a follower and share my content. We all know that growing a loyal audience is essential, but the hangup isn’t in the why; it’s in the how. So today I’m sharing 10 easy ways that I’ve found helpful for growing my blog tribe.

Create content that people can share

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog is to actually create content that makes people want to share it. Sharing a solution to a problem, a great story, or a strong opinion are ideas that come to mind. Use your expertise or experience in certain areas to add value to what you write. Research other topics in your niche that have gained a lot of traction/pins/shares and use that as a starting point.

Ask questions at the bottom of your posts

It’s always important to find ways to initiate conversation with your audience. By asking questions at the bottom of your posts, you’re prompting readers to leave feedback and weigh in on the content you’ve shared. Asking questions allows you to get to know your readers and relate to how they feel about certain topics. I always like to get other opinions on certain things. Readers are also more likely to leave comments after you have asked a question. Asking questions and prompting comments is a great way to increase engagement, interact with your audience, and build a relationship with them.

 Respond to comments

Responding to comments is important for building relationships with your audience. By taking the time to reply to each one, it shows that you’re reading each comment, thoughtfully considering what’s been said, connecting with your audience personally, and demonstrating that you’re accessible and approachable. It also shows that you’re grateful for the time and thoughtfulness someone has taken to leave their feedback. Not only that, but responding to comments allows you to answer questions that may not have been answered within a post and provide further insight for your readers. My take on responses (although I haven’t been as diligent about it these past few busy weeks) is that if someone is willing to take a minute or two to leave a thoughtful comment, the least I can do is take a minute or two to respond.

Be Realistic About Your Editorial Calendar

If you know realistically you cannot post seven posts every single week, that’s okay. But do yourself a favor and schedule realistically. Not only will it prevent you from being frustrated with yourself, and ultimately getting discouraged. Set a simple standard and work your way up. Maybe twice or so a week is all you can do right now, and that’s perfectly fine. After all, quality over quantity. So what I suggest is to basically just pick your blog posts you know you definitely want to do and then go from there. If you don’t know how to place them in your month, maybe look into having themed posting days. If you’re a food + lifestyle blog and post every Sunday and Wednesday, pick one theme per day and go from there. It sounds like a simple concept, but it wasn’t something I thought about doing until recently. After you schedule your posts, you will most likely have some posts left over that you’re interested in getting to, but don’t have any places in them. I like to pick a random day (typically the last day in the month or so) and write them down there. If you have a physical hand-written calendar, maybe keep a notebook with extra post ideas for that month listed and ready to go.

(example editorial calendar)


Utilize Social Media

If you’re a pro at using Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook it will absolutely help you grow your blog. Around 1/3 of my traffic comes straight from social media sites… which is huge! Social media is awesome because it helps connect your website with people who may never have found you otherwise. If you’re not taking advantage of social media as a free marketing strategy you totally should. Staying consistent is important and essential for growing your following. Make sure that your posts can be shared easily. It’s great for not only sharing your content and expanding your audience, but also for connecting with your readers and networking with other bloggers. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration and blogging resources. Pinterest has really helped me grow my blog and social media accounts. If you dont have it yet, go sign up now! 🙂

Pin your own content (but not just your own content)

 Just like with Instagram and Twitter, it is so important to share your content on Pinterest.  If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?  I like to pin both new and old content to both my own boards and several group boards I belong to. Group boards are a big stinking deal on Pinterest right now.  These boards have multiple pinners that often reach a huge audience with their content.  I am a member of lots of different group boards, ranging from fashion blogger boards to holiday boards and even a few mom blogger boards. This allows me to get my content out to followers that might not already follow me. To find group boards that you might like to join, my best advice is to browse some of the bigger pinners you follow on Pinterest.

Like I mentioned, it’s important to pin both new and old content.  Definitely don’t get spammy, but maybe every few days for a couple of weeks, promote your post!  Once my post is initially published, I like to pin it daily for a couple of weeks to make sure the majority of my followers get some exposure to it.  I also usually pick 3-4 older posts per week to promote on Pinterest.  I use Tailwind to schedule posts so that my pins are spaced out, but I’m not tied to my computer all day.


….with your readers and other bloggers. I’ll admit it- don’t always have enough time to answer all comments, but I try my best to catch up whenever I can. I think it’s very important for your audience to know that you’re “there” for them, to answer any questions they might have. It creates a sense of community around your blog, builds relationships and trust. Connecting and networking with other bloggers in your niche can also help you grow your blog. Sharing helpful content from other bloggers, answering questions, and keeping up-to-date with their social media accounts can help generate more awareness for your own blog.

Loving Lately

Visit other blogs and interact with them

Finding new blogs in the comment section of other blogs is a great way to network and grow your blogroll. As an active commenter, you will also earn the attention of (not only) the blog owner, but other commenters as well. Be sure to leave your URL at the end of your sign-off… but don’t be spammy.

Use link-ups

 Link parties are absolutely crucial in helping me spread the word about my new content.  These are blog posts that allow other bloggers to share a few of their posts with that blog’s readers.  It is a major jumping-off point for so many of my posts.  Many blog readers on those posts are looking for creative new ideas…here’s your chance to share your ideas and potentially get some exposure on social media, too!  I especially recommend these for new bloggers that are looking to build their readership, but they really are great for anyone. Creating a successful link-up doesn’t have to mean you have 200 people drop by every week. It just means that you have a consistent group of people who come and share their posts. Don’t get too blinded by the numbers — focus on the value you are giving your readers. There is a really great article from a blogger who has successful linkups here.

Be accessible

If a reader has a question or would like to get in contact with you for any reason, do you make it easy for them to reach out to you? Are social media buttons clearly displayed on your site, along with your email address? My favorite bloggers are those that are willing to be accessible and make it easy for their audience to connect with them. Being accessible goes further than making your social media accounts and email address available for your audience, too. Consider participating in or hosting blog meet-ups, events, workshops, and/or Instagram chats. It all boils down to appreciation, effort, and intention. If you’re willing to spend the time following up with your readers, remembering them, and focusing on providing them value, you’ll have no trouble building a tribe that’s excited to follow along with you.

What are some tips or helpful advice you have used to help grow your blog?

Brittany 🙂

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What I’m Loving Lately.. (Its Back!)

Happy Friday y’all!!

I am actually taking a personal day today and putting the OUT OF OFFICE status up for the first time in a LONG time! I decided after a LONG crazy three months of working non stop, I needed a day for myself.. (without actually replying to emails)!! So momma is getting her hair done and then manis and pedis!! In other words… Im getting a “Tune Up “!! I am going to soak it all in and NOT think about work (hopefully)

I last wrote a Loving Lately post probably about six months ago on the old blog platform. It is one of my favorite series to write and to read from other bloggers! Sharing things that make me happy and could make someone else happy is just so much fun!! Here are a couple things I am Loving Lately….

Starbucks Spring Cups

Last week, Starbucks launched their new, multi-colored Spring cups which come in pastel blue, yellow, and green — according to which size you order. The cups feature a big white space in place of the signature Starbucks green mermaid. Don’t worry, some cups will feature drawings inspired by Spring to brighten your season now that the gray skies of Winter are finally leaving.

Silver Hair

I will hopefully be rocking one of these looks after today! I couldnt bare to do my own hair color anymore and need my hairstylist to do work his magic! Hoping that it turns out like I am picturing… Ill keep you posted!

Spring Rompers

Bardot Print Romper

Off The Shoulder Romper


Tie-Waist Romper

Halter Print Romper

I want all the floral prints for Spring! Especially floral print rompers!! These are all on my wish list and affordable! I have been on a ruffle kick and putting floral and ruffles together just give me life!!

Cover FX Enhancer Drops

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are pigments that you can add to either a transparent product to make your own foundation, or another base product to adjust the shade for a better fit. Cover FX suggests one drop for sheer coverage, 2 for medium, 3 for full, and 4 for total. This really is almost pure pigment, which is more bang for the buck. With something like the Custom Cover Drops, I can always have a pigment on hand to lighten or darken up whatever product I’m using.  Also, I love this product as a concealer.  I can take my eye cream, add a drop or two of the Custom Cover Drops and voila, I have a concealer! It’s worked great for me.

HIIT Workout

I recently just started doing the HIIT workouts again since we will be beach bound in a couple weeks. I was getting bored with my usual “Arm Day – Leg Day” workouts and wanted to change it up a little bit. I came across some articles about the HIIT Workouts and thought these looked pretty intense. I actually do some of these exercises already so I thought it couldn’t be too bad. I am still sore from the arm workout on Tuesday. I never thought doing as many push-ups for a straight minute as you can was so hard but let me tell you… I was dying by the third round. The leg workout was pretty intense too…. I incorporated 10 minutes on the stair master with this for extra cardio.



What are some things you are loving lately?

Have an awesome weekend!!

Brittany 🙂

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