What I’m Loving Lately #2

When you wake up and have a 3 day weekend…………………. πŸ™‚

What a week! And we have another loooongg weekend ahead but it will be mostly cleaning, laundry and of course catching up on some running!! But I am thankful for two short weeks in a row.

White Nail Polish

I can not get enough white right now… maybe its the weather. It seriously goes with any and everything and makes your hands pop. I am using OPI Alpine White and it is awesome! There is minimal chipping and it is super shiny!

Β Dallas Winter Weather!


I am going to let this picture speak for itself. I do love some good, cold snow days but this is just b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!!!

Valentines Yummy Treat

I made this for our office today! I kept seeing so many different recipes and posts about yummy vday treats and I couldn’t resist! Its a sweet and salty mix which I totally love!

Here are all the ingredients I used:

Berry Kix
Stick Pretzels
Strawberry Goldfish
Mini Marshmallows
Vanilla Chex Mix
chex mix
Trader Joe’s
I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s exclusively for the past two weeks and I have to say…. I had no idea what I was missing out on!! Β They offer quality prepared foods at fair prices in an unpretentious and welcoming store. Β I am not a huge fan of cooking but they have ready made meals that you can pop in the oven. I am also a fan of being able to microwave a delicious meal in about four minutes flat.Β I now have a greater appreciation for TJ’s. πŸ™‚
This is one of my new favorite addictions:
Β Stairmaster workout
I have recently started incorporating the stairmaster into my workouts at the gym. It is so good for toning the rear and hamstrings and will also give you a reality check into your fitness game. I am literally burning double the calories and sweating a whole lot more with 30 minutes on the stairmaster. This is one of the workouts I have been using and it is KILLER!!!
I am pretty much a dead person when I leave the gym after doing this…. you should totally try it πŸ™‚
What are you loving right now? Any big plans for the long weekend?
Brittany πŸ™‚

0 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately #2

  1. The gif at the beginning had me laughing so hard!! White polish is one of my favorites in the winter! That Valentine’s Day mix looks delicious + easy — something I’d totally want to make. And TJ’s is the best! Like you, I don’t go usually go there, but whenever I do, I wonder why I don’t go more often! Also JEALOUS of your forecast! It’s freeeeezing in CT this week!!

    1. Lol I was seriously doing that dance walking out the door knowing I get three days off!! I have eatin all of the chex mix and ready to enjoy this crazy weather in a few hours… Hope you have an awesome weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. Trader Joes!!! The best place ever, I have one right next to my apartment so I’ve been going all the time. Totally addicted to everything they have. Love this post πŸ™‚

  3. I love all your loves!! Trader Joe’s is one of my favorites for sure! Every time I go there I find new and amazing things! Also, I want that white nail polish 😍 Totally will be trying that stair master workout next week!!

  4. Cute gif. πŸ˜€ I love shopping at Trader Joe’s. They have this lentil crackers that’s addicting. I always buy one whenever I go there. You should try it. I ended up eating the whole bag when a friend of mine gave me one. πŸ˜€

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