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Monday… COFFEE on repeat!!!

It is a busy week at work with meetings and new employees so I hope I can get this weeks posts to y’all if I don’t lose my mind first 🙂 If you have been keeping up with my life the last couple of weeks, I have been on a sugar detox. I am really trying to make better food choices and do a summer body reset. It has not been easy but I am still alive so I guess it is possible to go without sugar. I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes that I found on Pinterest. I have never really been a cook or like cooking so I have survived via the Crockpot. Trust me, it is still being used but I have discovered so many amazing (sugar-free) recipes that I prepared and cooked all on my own. Here are a few that I have recently discovered. I have linked them all 🙂

Mesclun Egg Salad


Jennie-O Turkey Burger

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Learn how to make crisp sweet potato fries at home. Baked, not fried - so you can feel good about eating them!

 Tuscan Chicken Skillet

 Overnight Oatmeal with Blueberries

Homemade Pizza – Coconut Flour Crust

Skinny Tuna Avocado Wrap

Turkey Meatball with Lemon Rice

Skillet Turkey Meatballs with Lemon Rice

My husband is also a fan of these as well…. YAY!!!! It definitely helps when he is on board and eating the meals that I make. I know it cant be easy to eat something you dont have to but he is always down for something different 🙂

What are some recipes you are loving? Have you ever had any of these meals before?

Brittany 🙂


Week 2 Recap – 30 Day Detox

Week 2 Complete…. STILL surviving! STILL Sugar FREE! Current feeling……

My sugar cravings are still about the same but I have NOT given in… It has been so hard to say NO but after I do, it feels great! Week 2 actually started on the weekend AND a weekend that I was judging. I think that was really my true test. Read on to see why! 🙂

Day 9 – Saturday

My event was actually close to home so I did not have to worry about traveling on this sugar-free detox. However, the cheer/dance company I work for always orders McAllisters and Mexican Food for this event…. #justshootme  I forgot about this when I initially started this detox so there was nothing I could do but suffer. Ate breakfast at home so I wasn’t tempted by the breakfast burritos. For lunch, it was the texas-sized baked potatoes from McAllisters. They had any and every topping available but I only added cheese, chives & olives. Plain & dry but it was this or go hungry. I didn’t have any of the cookies or brownies that were ALL over the judges room. That was hard! McAllisters is known for their sweet tea but I just stuck with unsweet, which is NOT the same! Dinner was a veggie sandwich turned into a veggie salad. Again, no sweets and unsweet tea! I survived!

Day 10 – Sunday

Here we go with “Day 2” of the torture. Again, ate breakfast at home because I knew they were going to have huge muffins, pastries, donuts etc. All I had was a LARGE COFFEE!!! Thank god for the unlimited coffee. I dont know if I mentioned all of the snacks they have for us on panel while we are working. Only thing I could eat was almonds. For lunch, I took off veggies from sandwiches and did not eat the bread. Lucky for me the baked chips did not have sugar. We were done around dinner time so they provided us with an afternoon snack that was none other than a…… TACO BAR!!!!!! #wtf

 Now I just wanted to hurt someone lol (not really) Of course they would have my favorite food. Instead of giving in and just devouring tacos/nachos, I ate the chicken with shredded cheese. NO cookies or brownies. Go Me!

Day 11 – Monday

With all of that being said, I felt awesome on Monday! I did not give up on my diet or give in to the temptation that I was surrounded by all weekend. It was super hard, especially the taco bar, but two days of being in misery was over! I am feeling less bloated and I can tell that my body has progressed. I have learned what exactly inflammation is through this experience and this has started to decrease. I am not sure if sugar is the culprit of the inflammation but I do know that it has gone down. Feeling great so far 🙂

Day 12 – Tuesday

Favorite breakfast by far…. Oats, milk, fresh fruit, almonds!!! This gives me lots of energy and keeps me full until lunch. I used to literally eat Frosted Flakes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast but I would be hungry by like 10am. Trust me, I love those cereals and miss them terribly. I have learned that when you do not have something for awhile, you tend to not crave it anymore. I am a big cereal person and sometimes will just have a bowl for dinner. Eating sugar free cereal is def not the same but adding cinnamon has helped with the flavor.

Day 13 – Wednesday

Almost half way there and feeling good. Cravings have decreased (thankfully) as far as sweets but I still miss my Diet Coke. I will replace with coffee around lunchtime but there is nothing like a cold Diet Coke in the afternoon 🙂 I can also say that I am officially down 3 pounds from the detox!!!! I can tell as far as bloating and inflammation but not necessarily my clothes. I haven’t changed my workouts or running schedule so I know my eating habits are a big part of the weight loss. I do have a new favorite snack that I found at Trader Joes! Veggie Chips! Sugar Free! Once I acquired the taste, they are actually addicting and only $2 a bag.


Another alternative snack that my son loves are the Banana Chips. I can not have any of these right now because of the sugar but I will be trying these after the detox. They only have 3 grams of sugar per serving so not too bad for banana chips!

I also made an amazing & healthy dinner for us that my husband was a big fan of: Turkey Burger w Sweet Potato Fries


I did without the bun and ketchup but I did add cinnamon to the sweet potato fries. Yummy! ……Yes I put ice in my wine 🙂

Day 14 – Thursday

That dinner was amazing, I brought leftovers for lunch. It was one of our co-workers birthday’s in the office so of course I had to pick up a cake on the way in… #torture I helped cut it and pass out to everyone but I did not have a piece. Most everyone knows about my diet so they weren’t shocked I didn’t have a piece but it was everything I could do to not lick my fingers lol … To keep the torture going for the day, I had monthly “Girls Night” with my friends at Fuzzy’s Tacos. O.M.G! Settled for a grilled shrimp salad with dressing on the side but lucky me they had red wine!!!!


Nothing like wine in a beer mug… 🙂 It wasn’t too bad except the smell of tacos, seeing tacos, watching them eat tacos and wanting to swim in tacos. I survived 🙂

Day 15 – Friday

Still no donuts and going strong! Week 2 is almost complete…. COFFEE on repeat!!!! In the meantime, check out the my meals and snacks for week 2 and let me know if you have any other recommendations!!!! The first day of week 2 starts on Saturday…..



Considering doing this to my fridge and everything else that I can not eat in our office!!!!

Stay tuned for Week 3 and an upcoming giveaway I will be doing next week!!!!

Brittany 🙂


Insta-Style Roundup #5

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Insta – roundup due to waaaaaaaayyyyy to much going on. I have really tried to get a hold of my blogging calendar but it seems that April has already gotten away from me. I am finally catching up from March. I post way more often on my Instagram so be sure to follow for constant updates! Enough blabbing… hurr we go!

green leopard

Top: Gap (Similar)

Pants: Zara

Scarf: Charming Charlies

Coffee Cup: Starbucks

green top

Top: Mint Boutique (sold out)

PantsJessLea Boutique

Hat: Target

Shoes: TJ Maxx (under $30)

Necklace: Charming Charlies (old)

Clutch: Marshalls


Kimono: Francescas

Top: Forever 21


Shoes: TJ Maxx

pink blazer


Top: Charming Charlies (sold out)

Jeans: Forever 21 (under $10)

Shoes: Target (old)

Cup: Ross

plaid pants

TopOld Navy

Cardigan: Old Navy (Similar)

Pants: Target

Shoes: Vans



Top: PINK (VS) (old)

CardiganAnn Taylor Loft

Pants: Zara

tribal sweater

CardiganModern Vintage Boutique


Jeans: Forever 21 (under $10)

Shoes: Lulu’s (old)

Bag: Walmart (under $20)




ShoesFoot Locker

Dog – Not For Sale 🙂

What are you loving for Spring? Are there any new trends or styles you are really digging?



50 Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Tuesday! I am back from a busy weekend of judging some cheer/dance and ready to tackle this week! I really wanted to get a blog post up for you today, but didn’t feel like posting a normal one. I’ve been loving chatty, get-to-know-me type of blog posts and tags recently so that’s what I decided to do. I kept seeing the “50 Things That Make Me Happy” posts and really wanted to do this one… There are waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more than 50 things I love but these are my top 50!

“50 Things That Make Me Happy” 


1. My son
2. My husband
3. Spending time with my family
4. Looking at our wedding pictures

6. A few hours alone (doing absolutely nothing)
7. Freshly washed bed sheets
9. Fresh new pair of sneaks

10. A topping loaded frozen yogurt
11. Dancing, all kinds and not just after a few drinks
12. MAKEUP!!!
13. Dogs – mine, others dogs, all dogs
14. Laughing with my friends
15. Ice cold beer

16. Newly painted nails – there’s something so satisfying about them
17. Christmas!
18. My blogging buddies
19. Running with my lab
20. Bling, sparkle, shiny, halogram anything!

21. Thrift shopping
22. 80’s & 90’s music on repeat
23. Trina – yes, “the baddest bitch” (met her a few years ago, best day ever)  🙂

24. Cold, sunny days
25. Blogging – I know it’s obvious, but I just love blogging. Which is probably basically the same as number 18, but my blog just makes me happy!
26. Celebrating birthdays, holidays, showers, any excuse to throw a party
27. Having a good hair day
28. Teaching Dance

29. Good, dramatic reality tv
30. Making lists
31. Long weekends – they always have so much potential
32. Mexican Food
33. Leopard print everything

LOVE!! I wonder if my hubby would let me do this in our future home? :):

34. Grandma’s mashed potatoes
35. Boho inspired outfits
36. Fringe
37. Being able to run 6 miles without stopping. Small achievements lead up to big ones.
38. Knowing my friends will come to me if they want a truly honest opinion
39. Patio weather
40. Fall scented candles
41. Texas Sweet Tea
42. State Fair of Texas

43. Catching up on my favorite blogs
44. Taking my bra off at the end of the day 🙂
45. My parents marriage – married 30 years
46. Carrie Underwood


47. Crafting, Scrap-booking
48. Chocolate sprinkled donuts
49. New jeans that fit like a glove
50. Brunch. Any excuse for belgian waffles, bacon and maple syrup.

This was so much fun!!! Really makes you think about how blessed we are to have so much in this world!

Would love to learn more about you and hear about 50 things you love! I hope you consider doing this post 🙂

Brittany 🙂


Week 1 Recap – 30 Day Detox

Well….. its FRIDAY!!!! I usually do Friday Favorites but I promised a Week One recap of my 30 day sugar detox…..

Soooooo here is my current state:

So on Fridays, depending on how my child was the whole week I will reward him with donuts. Today was HARD! I resisted the usual dozen donut holes and a warm kolache from the donut store this morning. Instead, I am enjoying my scrambled eggs on sugar free toast with avocado. It has actually become my new favorite breakfast AND snack. Week 1 has been pretty good so far, I have not had ANY sugar. Of course the temptations, cravings and habit-of-wanting-all-things-sweet were real but I survived week 1! I weighed myself last Friday to see if I will lose any weight from this diet. So far… I am down 2 pounds! Guess this detox isn’t so bad 🙂 But….. I REALLY want a Diet Coke and Starbucks!!!

Here is my WEEK 1 recap….

(BTW – my weekly meals are below the recap to see what I ate every day)

DAY 1 – Friday

Feeling pretty good and following the diet plan. Felt a little sluggish towards the end of the day but nothing too crazy. I haven’t had any major cravings except with it being Friday I would like an ice cold beer. Sticking to the dryest red wine and some good reality tv at home.

DAY 2 – Saturday

Woke up feeling great, ran 6 miles and did not feel tired or sluggish. Breakfast consisted of sugar free cereal/almond milk and I added some cinnamon for flavor. Ridge had a soccer game that my family came to and then it was time for lunch with the family. We decided to go to Chili’s since I had more options as far as healthy food. I am totally obsessed with Chili’s queso so I sat in misery while they all enjoyed this amazing appetizer. I had grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. I was actually super impressed with the chicken. My meal was $5 and considered a kids meal. WIN!!! I had to do some shopping so I took Ridge with me. Of course he wanted some candy at one of the stores and me being the “whatever-doesn’t-make-you-scream” type of mom, I said fine! Sour Watermelon Gummies – my favorite. I didn’t have ONE! That was hard. But, I knew my large glass of wine was waiting for me later 🙂

DAY 3 – Sunday

Cleaning & Laundry Day! I have started feeling the detox working in my body. I am lacking energy but thanks to coffee, I can function and get my house sparkly clean. Speaking of coffee, I can not add my regular creamer or Splenda so I am just adding sugar free milk. It isn’t too bad. I have now gotten used to the taste of no artificial sweeteners. My husband has been really great about not wanting to go out to eat at all. He has actually been taking part in my sugar free meals and my son is not complaining either. His snacks are healthier and he seems to like the fact that everything is “new”. Trader Joes has really great snack options especially for kids. Hardest part at night is no desserts.

DAY 4 – Monday

 Back to work where there are lots of temptations as far as snacks and drinks. I knew this going into this detox so I was already preparing myself to just stay away. I brought my breakfast/lunch to work and I wrote out a weekly meal schedule to help prepare everything. This has helped me stay on track and save time on figuring out what to eat. If you want to log your meals for the week, here is the PDF meal plan I used. No office snacks or my daily Diet Coke… I had water all day.

DAY 5- Tuesday

I normally run 2 miles in the mornings before work but I woke up feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I am guessing this is the lack of sugar or my body adjusting to the diet. It could of just been that I was tired but I usually am up ready to get my run on without feeling weird. I haven’t seen any drastic changes physically but I can feel it in my body so far. I have read that it is normal for energy levels to go down when you are decreasing your sugar intake but once you get the toxins and waste out of your systems, you will have more energy. I think that is the case with my body at this point. My energy level went up as the day went on and I felt great to teach dance. Totally forgot to take a snack so I had to stop at the store to get something. It is challenging finding a “small snack” with no sugar at the grocery store. Grabbed some fresh fruit and headed to the studio.

DAY 6 – Wednesday

Got my 2 mile run in before work and I don’t feel dizzy or sluggish. PB&J smoothie for breakfast is amazing!! I can also say that it is not cheap to be healthy but I haven’t spent a dime on eating out or fast food.  I also have not been to Starbucks in 6 days!! WHATT??!?!?! I normally would have already been 4 times. Feels pretty good to save money in that department 🙂 However, I do miss my daily orange juice. I have not found one that is sugar-free so that is a little depressing. I will probably be substituting Vitamin C pills to replace my orange juice consumption. Learning process. Good news: It is Wine Wednesday 🙂

DAY 7 – Friday

I’M ALIVE!!!!!! One week of NO SUGAR has not been that bad. This morning was tough as I already stated but I didn’t die without donuts. Feeling pretty good especially since I have lost 2 pounds. I hope this is a good sign since I have 23 days to go!!! YIKES!

Here is what I have eating that last 7 days.

First 2 days

Week 1

Stay tuned for a Week 2 recap next week. Maybe I will be adjusted to the food and feel more energized. This weekend, I am judging an event and they feed us the most amazing food, not to mention all of the candy, snacks, cokes etc. they have on panel for us. This will be a true test to my discipline – or the opposite, I might rip every bag of  candy open and just inhale it! Also, hoping to find another alcohol option besides red wine.

Have you ever done a sugar-detox? What are your thoughts on detoxing? Are any of my symptoms normal for this kind of detox?

Brittany 🙂