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What I’m Loving Lately #8

Rolling into the weekend like…………..

YAY for Friday and even more “YAY” for a LONG weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo grateful for a 4-day weekend as we are still living out of boxes at our new home. My plan is to unpack everything else and get our home organized and settled. We are planning on having a little housewarming party on Sunday for the Memorial Day Weekend! Nothing crazy but of course some bbq, drinks and hopefully some sunshine!! I havent my Friday “What Im Loving Lately” post in awhile so I wanted to share some things I have been really obsessing over lately.

Veggie Chips

 photo food3_zpsgz2p5kqz.jpg

These Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips are not only adorable they’re also delicious as a snack with a side of hummus and they’re healthier than your typical bag of potato chips. I originally bought veggie chips when I went sugar free for April. I love them so much I even found these at Target for my son. He loves them and they are a much healthier choice than Cheetos or Lays. Be aware… you wont be able to stop eating them 🙂

Chambray Rompers

Light denim romper, Rag & Bone. $90:

SALE!! (NEW) Jean romper Blue denim shorts romper with tie waist & 2 slanted front pockets. Elastic across the back for comfort. Adjustable shoulder straps. Velvet Heart Other:

Mankind Chambray Jumpsuit:

Love these!! I just purchased the top romper from Free People and also found this chambray over the shoulder dress from Target. I am loving how versatile and comfy they are… It is going to be a hot summer here in Texas so I know they will be on repeat.

The Bachelorette – JoJo

Its BACK!!! Yes, I am one of those die hard Bachelor/Bachelorette fans and I dont care who knows it!! 🙂 JoJo was literally my favorite from Ben’s season and I rooted for her the entire season. I had a feeling she was going to get dumped because of the connection he had with Lauren but now we get to watch her find love on this season’s Bachelorette! She is from Dallas so of course that makes me love her even more but I really think she is super down to earth and genuine. If you missed last season, her family was a little crazy at the home town dates. Her mom was chugging wine out of the bottle while her brothers were slightly interrogating Ben. But that is drama tv for ya… I am pumped for this season!!! 🙂

Makeup Forever HD Concealer

I received a sample of this and I REALLY like it. It’s very creamy, easy to apply with the foam roller, brightens up my under-eye circles which I’ve struggled with since my first child AND looks great in photos. The concealer has a unique formula that focuses on correcting and concealing those troublesome dark under eye circles all while blurring fine lines and wrinkles. It is lightweight, blends well and dries down fast, and the one-of-a-kind nozzle tip allows for precise application. I loved it so much I bought a tube for myself. I got mine at Sephora for $27 but I know it will last awhile.

Flamingo Print

Free Flamingo Printable:

Recently, I discovered a love of flamingos and have been loving all of the flamingo decor I keep seeing everywhere. They are fun and remind me of my favorite vacation places. I decided to do our guest bathroom in black and white with Flamingo accents!! I got a black and white striped shower curtain and pink accent rugs. I will be doing a post soon on our new home so stay tuned for that. Pink Flamingo Floral Gray Rustic Wood Photo Print:

I love this quote so I got a frame for it and hung it in the bathroom. I love the touch of pink to make it chic and classy.


I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!

What are some things you are loving lately? Any big Memorial Day plans?

Brittany 🙂


5 Things Ive Learned About Blogging…

“I think I’m going to start a blog…!!”

I said this about 20 times for 2 years before I actually lit the spark and created mine. When I look back at my first three months of blogging, my general thought was “what was I thinking???” I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing at that point and I still dont really know what I am doing and that’s ok. Writing has always been a great outlet for me, but blogging has given me a new kind of energy and enjoyment.

I want to thank everyone who has commented, shared, liked, or followed my blog. I am BEYOND flattered and so grateful that you find my blog worthwhile. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that I am connecting with other people.


 I think it would have been really helpful to read a post with a few tips and hints to push me in the right direction. So that’s what I’ve decided to do today with my “5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging.” Of course, I think it’s important not to regret anything because everything I’ve done in the last 8 months has been a learning process and nothing is ever pointless. But if you’re thinking of starting a blog or still not sure what you’re doing is right (hell I’m still not sure!), here are my tips to take into consideration:

1. Relationships are everything
We rely on each other for advice, resources and encouragement. Blogging has actually introduced me to awesome people so far. Some of my followers became my friends, and many other bloggers that I have met along the way are my constant and best support. It is the truth that much of this kind of friendship happens online, but it doesn’t take its value away. And, yes, sometimes, we meet in real life, for a chat, or even work together in co-working spaces. We share our dreams and expectations, and life sounds much better after that. We all realize the more we pay it forward, the more it comes back. I never anticipated my blog would connect me with people who share my passion, interests and drive. Talk to other humans because again, that’s what this whole thing is all about. The network of people that you build will carry your blog. They can provide opportunities, feedback, + support. Yes, you should spend hours making your blog look amazing + writing quality posts. Just make sure you also make time to build friendships because, when your tired of blogging, your readers/friends will be what keeps you going, not your pretty headers + text fonts.

2. We are worth more than a 9-to-5

If I don’t have enough on my plate being a mom, working full time, being a dance teacher and a wife, how in the world do I have time to blog? What we really need is a work/hustle/life balance. A blog is a perfect side hustle and will make you feel productive every day. Plus, your blog could ‘wow’ an employer and help you move on to a better situation. I really do like my full time job (commercial administrator), but my true passion is fashion, beauty and fitness. A few people have asked me how I manage to blog, work full time, be a mommy and live life…. Because I get a lot of pleasure from writing, it doesn’t feel like I am adding anything to my workload. What I am writing about is interesting (to me) so I have yet to feel burdened by blogging. Also, it’s just a hobby for me so there is zero pressure. When writing starts to interfere with my priorities or be anything but gratifying then I will reevaluate things. But, I’m not there. Not even close

3. Don’t worry about how many likes, comments and followers you have

So I know this one sounds very much like a cliche, but I used to be very focused on wanting to grow my blog and make it bigger and better. Of course, I still want to do this because I think it’s great to have an aim and work towards something, but I’m much more focused now on writing about what I enjoy and feeling more relaxed about the whole thing. At the end of the day, if you keep writing posts you’re proud of and had fun creating, all those other things will probably follow. Yes, blogging is a ton of work and can be frustrating, but when you are finally seeing people enjoy your content and commenting on your content and coming back for more posts, it’s really rewarding! Hard work pays off in the long-term and not always in that exact moment!

4. There will always be someone else’s blog which is bigger and better than yours

It seems like everybody has a blog these days. Because of that, you could so easily get lost in the crowd. In the beginning, I thought that there were certain things I had to talk about to fit in and certain posts I needed to do to get traffic. I was fooling myself because some of those things were not even how I wanted my blog to be represented. I’ve actually removed a lot of posts that don’t really fit in with the overall theme of my blog anymore. Try not to compare yourself to other people (this is true in all walks of life!) if you see someone else’s photography or Instagram that looks amazing, don’t feel bad about yours, take inspiration from it. On the other hand, don’t try and copy others so you lose what’s individual to your own blog. Every successful blog out there probably started off small and amateur so just keep persevering!

5. Do it sooner!! 

You want to know what my biggest regret is? Not starting a blog sooner. I’d been thinking about it for a long time but maybe was just too nervous to actually put myself out there on the internet, which can be a very scary thing. Now, I really wish I could have written it 10 years ago when I was living in Cincinnati, had a lot more spare time and was travelling to lots of exciting new places. My biggest advice would be not to be scared, and if you feel like you want to write a blog, do it!! What’s the worst that could happen?

 I can’t wait to see how this blog changes and grows 6 months from now. Thank you for taking your own time to read my thoughts. It means the world to me to share with others and I hope that you will stay here and grow and change as this blog grows and changes. Here’s to 6 more months of learning, growing, and enjoying being a blogger!


What have you learned from blogging? What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?

Brittany 🙂


Memorial Day Outfit Ideas

Memorial Day


I love any holiday weekend that involves family, friends, food, drinks and of course…. NO WORK!!! We will be doing our housewarming party this weekend so there is lots of unpacking in store for me. I am having lots of shopping fever from these outfits and I might just have to get #4 before this weekend! I have linked everything below for you.

Blue dress
$45 –

J Crew j crew top
$105 –

Short sleeve tee

Cameo long jumpsuit

Big mouth

Big mouth


Highwaist shorts

Antik Batik flats sandals

Rebecca Taylor tie sandals

Lace up flat shoes
$31 –

Gold necklace pendant
$115 –

Cutler and Gross rimmed glasses
$565 –

Prymal blue straw hat
$140 –

Cateye sunglasses

Sluiz Ibiza yellow beach towel
$135 –

Outdoor palm

Cotton beach towel

Do you have any plans this weekend? Which outfit do you love the best?
Brittany 🙂

April Insta-Roundup

Happy Friday everyone!!  It has been a crazy past two weeks for me, so today all I could muster up was an April Instagram Roundup for you!  I have linked some pieces for you but some are older pieces. I hope you all enjoy 🙂

all black

Top (similar) // Jeans// Shoes (similar) // Necklace (Sam Moon)// Purse (Neiman Marcus)

black plaid



Top//Shorts//Shoes//Bag (old)//Hat//Necklace (gift)


Kimono (similar)//Top//Shorts//Shoes//Clutch (Amazon)//Necklace


Top H&M (old)//Jeans//Shoes (TJ Maxx)

Cinco De Mayo #ootd 



I hope you have an awesome weekend!!! 🙂

What are some trends you are loving right now?

Brittany 🙂


How to Have a Successful Move

This explains my current life right now!

Back to work and I am NOT upset about it… I actually need a break from the mess and chaos that is consuming our house. I underestimated the exhaustion and use of energy when moving into our first home! We are officially homeowners and that feels great but we literally moved the same day we closed so talk about not wasting time! It took us four days to move everything. I was pretty prepared ahead of time as far as packing and cleaning out old stuff from our old house. I started packing a couple weeks ago but it would be small stuff here and there. Our kitchen took me 5 hours to pack up… WHAT!?!?! I also threw away lots of stuff. We have A LOT of stuff and I didn’t realize how much it really was until it all had to fit in boxes.

How to Move: The Details

Moving just seems to come naturally for certain people. They seem to have every detail perfectly planned, memorize the exact contents of every box with ease, and have all their belongings unpacked within hours. However, I am not a “natural” at moving and I am like a lost puppy trying to figure out what to start with. There were things I did that I knew I had to get done in order to have a successful move. Planning was key.

I did plan ahead of time with lists, calling for quotes for movers, researching the new area we live for house utility companies, cancelling our current ones etc. These things were super helpful being done ahead of time. What I learned from this was the physical energy it takes out of you…. We did our move in 4 days. There are still boxes and just stuff everywhere but we did it and I could not be happier. Overall, it was a successful move! So with that being said, here are some tips to make your next move successful.

1.  Plan your move using a moving checklist

Moving is an exercise in managing a large number of details in a short period of time. You need a powerful tool to help you in that process. Fortunately, there are several free moving checklists available to fill that role. There are several online and this is the one I used to help with our move.

2. Decide whether you will be moving yourself or hiring professional movers

Initially, we thought we would be able to move everything ourselves and just tough it out. Well a week before the move, we were rearranging furniture from one room to the other and I was like Ross from friends yelling at my husband lol – This is when we decided to hire professionals. Professional movers offer an enormous amount of convenience. However, they are often fairly expensive. Here are some factors to consider:

• If money isn’t a consideration, professional movers are the way to go.
• If you have a smaller place currently, such as a studio apartment, you’re much less likely to need professional movers.
• Many heavy pieces of furniture should point you toward using a moving company.
• Having lots of friends and family willing to help limits your need for professional movers.
• If you’ve lived in your current location for more than 3 years, you’re more likely to have accumulated more boxes that might require movers.
• If you have a medical condition such as a bad back or heart condition, moving is NOT the time to test your recovery- let the professionals handle it.

 3. Eliminate items from your move.

This was one thing I told myself I was going to do early on but slightly forgot. We have accumulated so much over the years that half of it gets put away and forgotten. This will also take up some time so start this process early enough that you are not rushing around during the move. In fact, it is recommended that you eliminate 1/3 of your possessions as a goal. Have a charity donation truck come and take away any items that you no longer need or donate them to Goodwill. A moving sale is a great way to eliminate unwanted items and pick up some spare cash in the process.

4. Start packing early!

• Pack a suitcase for each family member as if you were going on a 3-day trip, and keep the suitcases with you instead of on the moving truck.
• Create one or two “Open Me First” boxes for each room, containing the items you’ll need immediately on arrival at your new home. This will save you a lot of time and stress.
• Label each box and all 4 sides and the top with an abbreviation for the room and a box number for that room. You’ll avoid lots of frustration constantly answering the question of, “Where do you want this box?”
• Focus on just one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.
• Hold a “packing party” with friends, family, and anyone else you can recruit. Have lots of free food and music to entice the party-goers.
• Keep all boxes to under 30 pounds where possible and always less than 50 pounds.

TIP!!! Move your clothing straight on the hangers – I didn’t purchase garment boxes, as I found they could get quite heavy, so instead I bundled about 10 or so hangers together with an elastic band and slid them directly into a makeshift garment bag right over top.

5. Change over important services

 • Notify utilities: Start the process of closing out utility service at your current place and getting utilities set up at your new residence.

• Transfer insurance: If your current home is covered, check with your agent to transfer the policy to your new home.

 •Notify schools: If you have kids, tell the staff at their schools of the impending move. Get copies of their school records and check into the enrollment process at the schools near your new residence.

Manage “Moving Day”

• Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. One thing you definitely don’t want to be on your Moving Day is “unreachable.”
• Start your day early. This avoids having to move things in the dark.
• Recruit as much help as you can stand.
• Use sitters- Kids and pets are your treasures, and they deserve to have full attention, but on moving day you’ll have other priorities.

I took my dogs to the groomers for baths. This is what they looked like when I picked them up…. LOL

• Food is your friend- Whether you have professional movers or friends and family, having coffee, orange juice, and bagels or donuts available will make it easier for everyone to get started on Moving Day.
• Keep cell phone numbers ready and programmed into your phone. Be certain you have the cell phone number of the driver of the truck entered into your cell phone, and that the driver has yours.
• Have correct payment ready and waiting. Tips are always a necessity for the hard work you have hired so always have cash.
• Directions- You need to have directions and a map ready for anyone will be driving between your old place and your new place.
• Label the rooms at your new place.

File your change of address

It’s important to let everyone know when and where you’re moving. You also will need to have your mail forward’ to your new address:
• Confirm you new address.
• File your change of address with the post office.
• Set up your phone number for your new place.
• Start notifying your contact list.
• Notify anyone whose mail arrives at your new address with a yellow address correction sticker.
This should get your change of address process running quickly and smoothly.

Start settling in.

Once you’ve completed your move it’s time to begin the settling in process. One of the best ways to feel more settled is knowing where key locations in your new neighborhood are. Here’s a list of 12 key places to locate near your new home:

• Shopping center/ mall
• Hospital/ emergency care center
• School
• Day care center
• Library
• Post office
• Grocery store
• Pharmacy
• Convenience store
• Hardware store
• Dry cleaner
• Car repair center

Some of the myths about moving day simply aren’t true. There will be bumps along the way. That’s why it’s very important to plan out your move as far in advance as you reasonably can. You’ll have an easy time and a lower stress level. With something as large and sometimes complicated as a move, that’s all you can really hope for.

We are so excited to be new residents of Wylie, TX!! Our very first home that we now own!! 🙂


Have you recently had to move and what are some things you found that helped your move?

Brittany 🙂