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Labor Day Weekend Outfit Ideas

Labor Day Weekend
We are almost there y’all!! A long, three day weekend while soaking up the last days of summer. I will be poolside with a drink in hand 🙂
I am sharing some outfit inspiration for your holiday weekend. I personally am loving all of the off-the-shoulder trends. I don’t think you can go wrong with something a little cooler for the outdoor festivities. However, the romper is my go-to for the summer. I personally love all of these rompers!
I have linked everything below! 🙂

WithChic short sleeve shift dress
$28 –

Green chiffon dress

Multi colored dress

Green jersey

H m top

Floral print jumpsuit

Tartan shorts

Tory burch footwear

Tory Burch flats sandals
$205 –

Tory Burch purse shoulder bag
$445 –


$37 –

What are your Labor Day Weekend plans? 
Brittany 🙂

WhoWhatWear for Target

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (5)


{ Meet my new friends in the background… 🙂  }

On one of my frequent trips to Target, I was “browsing” the Women’s section of clothing and discovered a new line that I am totally obsessed with. WhoWhatWear for Target has a huge selection of business-casual pieces that are perfect for the office. And what amazed me even more was the price tag. These pieces are all under $50 and look great for any occasion. With the flare pants coming back in style, I had to try these dark denim jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cigarette or skinny jean, BUT there is something ultra fabulous about a wide leg pant. Thankfully, I tried them on first (I despise trying clothes on btw) because they ran a little big. They actually look black in these photos but they are a dark-rinse denim. They are so comfortable and soft – the perfect fall staple!

For an ultra-sleek look, I think they look awesome with this WhoWhatWear striped top (sold out). This was on sale for under $25. I could literally wear it everyday if that was a normal thing. And contrary to belief, that stripes are sooo hard to pull off, a STRIPED TOP is the easiest thing to wear with ANYTHING.

The accessories in this post are some of my staples pieces. These tassel earrings are from one of my favorite shops, Purple Peridot. My Kendra Scott necklace goes with any and every outfit so it is pretty much on repeat. My go-to clutch is large enough to carry my child 🙂 I am still obsessed with these mules from last fall and I think they add a touch of chic to this outfit. I’ve had this bracelet from Charlotte Russe for over 2 years now and still love it 🙂

Shop Similar Looks:

1  2  3  belk

Anyone notice some little friends in the background?

Brittany 🙂


Secrets to Acne-Free Skin

Whether you struggled with acne as a teen, battled dark spots as an adult, or you have not quite figured out how to get clear skin, we all struggle with less than perfect skin. Is your skin prone to breakouts or irritation? Having acne or blemish prone skin can be frustrating and challenging at times. Luckily, there are simple tricks to help your skin look its best it has ever looked.

These are a few of my secrets I have tested through the years. Overtime, these will help heal any acne spots and scarring.

Pick the right Foundation:

One of the hardest things about having acne-prone skin is finding a foundation that won’t trigger your breakouts. Besides choosing a foundation that matches your skin color exactly, you also need to look out for makeup that’s gentle & “safe” for pimple-prone skin and provides shine-free, natural coverage to cover marks from past breakouts. Look for oil- free, liquid or powder formulas (without any irritating chemicals or fragrances) that are designed to correct & conceal redness and blemishes and also control oil & shine throughout the day with a weightless matte finish.

Here are a few drugstore foundations that I have tested and are great for acne prone skin:

rimmel  elf    fit me

 Clean your Utensils:

The best thing you can do for acne prone skin is to use proper hygiene. Washing your makeup brushes and skincare utensils is key to keeping bacteria away. I do this weekly and have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I use dish washing soap and my fingers to wash away makeup buildup on my brushes. I also use my son’s old bottle dryer to set them out to dry. Another huge tip: Avoid wearing makeup during breakouts and when you know you will not be able to wash it off before going to bed. Of course you should never go to bed without taking your make up off first. Always use a new, clean towel when drying your face.

Sanitize your Phone:

You would not believe the germs and bacteria your cell phone builds up over time. To keep skin clean and clear on the go, I use Clixit Sport Wipes to sanitize my phone. They are formulated with ingredients to keep acne-prone skin healthy, clean and blemish-free. I listen to music on my phone at the gym or while I am running and it tends to get a little sweaty. These wipes help control sebum (oil) and wipes away any bacteria leaving acneic skin clean, refreshed and conditioned. Also, holding your cell phone away from your face helps prevent skin irritation and breakouts, especially on the cheek and jawline. Clixit offers products to help with acne prone skin and trouble spots. I recommend all of their products.

wipes eraser face washCapture


Sleep on Acne-Fighting Pillowcases:

Loads of moisture can escape from your skin while you sleep. This moisture loss, compounded by night after night of collagen-weakening sleep lines is bad news for your complexion. If you repeatedly sleep in the same position, form the same sleep lines, and deplete skin elasticity in the same areas, it could cause permanent lines to form. Invest in a good, acne-fighting pillowcase that will prevent germs and bacteria from living on your face. This pillow is great for blocking allergens and fighting acne. Wash your pillow cases often to avoid the oils from your hair when sleeping.


Hygenie Acne Fighting Silver Ionic Pillowcase, $29.99


Steam it Out:

Steam your face at least once a week to open and cleanse the pores. Do not steam  it if you have inflamed acne lesions. Cover your head with a towel and boil some water. Put your face over the  bowl of boiling water and let the steam moisturize for 2-3 minutes. This helps remove dirt, dust and oil from your pores of the skin without aggravating pimples. It will also help keep your skin moisturized and smooth.


Wash Twice a Day:

Wash the areas affected by acne in the morning and evening to remove the buildup of oil and dirt. Do not wash them more than twice a day since excessive washing dries the skin and triggers increased oil production which can lead to more breakouts which are referred to as acne detergens. If you need to remove excessive oil from your face during the day, use a pH balanced toner to wipe it off. Ensure that the toner does not contain alcohol or acetone since these ingredients can irritate and dry the skin excessively. If  you have very oily skin you may think that you need to dry your skin completely, but this actually triggers increased production of oil. Use toners with witch hazel as they are less likely to dry the skin.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate:

No matter what your skin type is, be gentle when exfoliating. Choose chemical exfoliants over physical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants utilize the physical action of rubbing to remove the dead cells. Examples include apricot scrubs with ground apricot pits and homemade sugar and salt body scrubs. These physical exfoliants can worsen inflammation by causing micro-tears in the skin. Chemical exfoliants are mild acids that use chemical reactions to get rid of these dead skin cells. Examples include AHA or alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids BHA. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is perfect for oily and acne prone skin since it removes the dead cells on the skin’s surface and it can also penetrate deep into the pores of oily skin and prevent clogging. These two exfoliators have totally changed my skin.  Dr Brandt is a little on the pricey side but totally worth the price. A more affordable version and one of my go-to exfoliators is on the right.

scrub scrub

Do you have acne prone skin? What are some secrets that have helped your skin?

Brittany 🙂



Fashion Must Have: Black Jumpsuit

Happy Monday Loves!!






I’ve been eyeing jumpsuits the last couple months and have been anxious to try one. I found this black, strapless jumpsuit from Nordstrom Rack and knew it would be perfect. I am also a sucker for anything with pockets. They are surprisingly more comfortable and versatile than I anticipated. It is also perfect for transitioning into fall. I paired it with this sleeveless chambray shirt for more of an edgier look. I bought this hat from Target last fall and I have already seen similar one’s out already 🙂

I am so obsessed with this Kendra Scott necklace and just LOVE the way it looks with this jumpsuit. The acrylic and silver make their own statement…modern and fresh!! To add a touch of print to this outfit, I paired this leopard print clutch (old) from Old Navy. Love Love Love!!

And can i just get a high 5 for these fabulous Christian Siriano Heels from Payless. I went in for some sneakers for my son and browsed the Women’s section. I about died when I saw the price!! 🙂

Are you into the jumpsuit trend? What are some ways you like to style them?

Brittany 🙂


Insta-Roundup July

Happy Friday Friends!!!!!

Somehow it’s already the middle of August! I’m not sure where the summer has gone, but I’m trying to soak up every last bit before the weather turns cooler and the dreaded daylight savings hits. I am obsessed with all things fall and I am more than ready for football season but I will be spending all weekend poolside (weather permitting) to get in all the rays before it cools down.

Today, I am doing another monthly insta-roundup and will also be linking everything below. Enjoy! 🙂


Top / Shorts / Shoes (similar) / Clutch (similar)


Shirt / Jeans / Shoes (similar) / Hat / Watch / Sunglasses


Dress / Vest / Sandals


Sunglasses / Watch / Laptop Case / Earrings (sold out in ivory, similar) / Ring / Bronzer / Eye Pencil / Primer 


Dress – TJ Maxx (similar, similar) / Bag (TJ Maxx) / Sunglasses


Top (sold out) / Shorts / Sandals / Purse


Top / Pants / Scarf (old) / Shoes (sold out, similar) / Bag (old, similar)

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Brittany 🙂