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Labor Day Treats


Is it the weekend yet?!?!

I have been in the holiday celebration mode since Monday and love making fun snacks and drinks to celebrate. We have a couple different things going on for the long weekend and most of them will consist of yummy holiday treats. I have a feeling something will end up at our house at one point so I have prepared lots of great snack ideas to keep everyone happy. I have actually made all of these treats at some point and love them all. I have linked them all below. I hope at least one of these makes it to your celebration 🙂


Red White and Blue Bark



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Craving Fall + The Best OTK Boots

How is it already the last week of August?!?!

With that being said, I cant help but crave all things FALL! I am more of a “chilly morning, crisp air, hot latte, oversized sweater, cozy booties” kind of gal. I tried really hard to love this summer weather but when you live in straight 100 degree humidity, its hard to not crave cooler weather! And if I am being really honest, I actually decorated the house with all the fall decor and might have played Christmas music while putting it out! #sorrynotsorry

But I did want to send prayers to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Watching the coverage on tv has been so heart breaking seeing neighborhoods and businesses under water. I can not even imagine what these people are going through. I have friends in the Houston area that are all ok and not affected by the flooding but I do continue sending prayers for everyone to stay safe.

Today’s post is all about an easy transition outfit from summer to fall.


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Three Ways to Rock Jogger Pants

Today’s post is long over due…

I purchased these joggers back in June and literally wear them 24/7. I was hesitant at first to spend a lot on something so simple but the quality and comfort totally over shadow the price #worthit

I wanted to share three ways you can style joggers and make them work for any occasion.


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My Everyday Makeup Routine


Sooooooooo…. I am sure you have noticed some changes around these parts! More like A LOT of changes…


#1…. Kingdom of Sequins got an upgrade!! This has been way over due for awhile but I finally found the right look and logo that totally gives me life! I worked with Designer Blogs to help with everything from start to finish! I felt like the whole time they got my vibe and totally knew where I wanted to take the look…. so glad I finally pulled the trigger.

On top of the blog revamp, as some of you know this week was back to school and my son started Kindergarten yesterday (hence my lack of posts lately)! I have been getting mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for this week so my all my energy was put towards making sure he was all set! And he totally LOVED it y’all! I couldn’t be happier with his teacher and his school! Reason why moved to BFE! 🙂

Ok so now to today’s post…. which has been long over due and overly-requested! I am sharing my daily makeup routine with you. I shared a quick LIVE story on IG a couple weeks ago that was totally un-expected and un-organized lol – but I did have several questions regarding products so I wanted to be sure I shared everything in a full blog post!


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Fall Floral Midi-Dress


Happy Happy Monday Y’all!!

We are already mid August and I swear this year is literally flying by! We had a jam-packed weekend full of go, go, go and I am sitting here trying to even remember what we did lol – lets just say most of it revolved around my child. Yesterday, we decided to go to the Ranger Game which was great to get away and just enjoy each other for the day! Every weekend, ts usually one of us that is either taking him to a birthday party or driving him to baseball/basketball practice. We took the time to just do a family day and enjoy each other!

But I did wanna share this amazing dress that I shared on Insta this past weekend. Oh yes and these over-the-knee boots that I think everyone needs for fall!



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