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Instagram is (still) my most frequented social media app. Does this come as a surprise to you? Probably not! I spend more time on Instagram than I would like to admit. But, it definitely allows me to see so much inspiration out there. People, places, food and my favorite… Fashion!!! As I scroll through my IG feed, I am constantly drawn in by colorful images, beautiful scenery, crafted food, and incredible outfits. The inspiration is truly endless if you’re following the right accounts! So today, I’ve rounded up a list of my current faves when it comes to Instagram.

The next time you’re in the mood to scroll, I highly recommend the following…



It is a mystery to me how Danielle always manages to get her entire outfit, down to her perfectly coordinated lipstick in her awesome and artistic Instagram shots! Cutest clothes, and fashion porn all rolled into one!

rachel mae


I love any and everything colorful and Rachel Mae is always that… colorful! It just immediately puts me in the best mood. She also knows how to rock some pink hair! 🙂



I am an avid coffee drinker and love coffee posts! They repost all Instagram accounts that involve coffee in some way. I love the fashion and ripped jeans with coffee anytime. I am also a fan of sharing and I especially love accounts that give shoutouts!



Adriana posts a little bit of everything but there is always a touch of color. She also posts delicious food and sweets very often so I will admit, it has been hard lately to see them. My mouth waters everytime I see something that has lots of sugar! Her gallery walls are everything!



I am pretty sure this one speaks for itself. Like, OBSESSED!!! I want her life… All of her posts give me life and I want to switch lives with her one day. Her travel posts are to die for. If there is any account you follow it MUST be this one!

There are soooooooooooooooooo many more accounts that I obsess over but these are just a few that deserve some recognition. I definitely do not have the time to edit pictures or go to colorful walls (yet) but would love to create exciting posts like these one day. They all give me so much inspiration and motivation to keep doing what I love to do… BLOG! :o)

Follow me at @kingdomofsequins and I will follow you back so we can be IG friends!! 🙂

What are your favorite Instagram accounts you love? What is your go-to social media outlet?

Brittany 🙂


  • Adi

    I’ve never heard of these!! I’ll definitely have to check some of them out.

  • Never heard of most of these…I follow too many running bloggers…LOL. However, I dig the Splendid Rags one! So colorful!

  • Nice ! 😘

  • LOVE CoffeeNClothes! One of my favs, too!

  • Hello love! 💕you have been nominated for a Leibster award 🎉! Check out the details at https://shopaholicblogs.com

  • sweetandmodern

    Fun! I don’t follow any of these! I’ll check it out

  • I’m an Instagram lover for sure. I don’t follow any of these accounts right now, but I’m going to go check them out. Their pictures look gorgeous!

  • I’ve never heard of these accounts before but will definitely check them out now

  • Awesome !!

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