My Favorite Posts from 2017


Happy New Year Friends!!

Back to reality and back to turning dreams into reality! I hope all of you had a great holiday break with friends and family and are recovering from the hustle and bustle. I am pretty excited to start a new year, fresh. Today, I wanted to share all my favorite posts from this past year + the ones that so many of you have said were very beneficial. That is what I am all about… sharing the wealth and helping a sister out!

So without further adieu, here are the top 10 posts from this past year!

Working a full time job and trying to run a blog while being successful at both! Oh yea, AND being a mommy, a wife and making sure I am not missing out on all the memories! I have learned the good and the ugly of blogging. I know a lot of people who have blogs and have a full-time job too. It’s possible, but keeping up with a blog is also hard work at times. There can be simple ways to help keep your blog ticking with regular fresh content going up, without losing your mind over it. I’ve being balancing a full-time job and a blog for about over two years now. Whether you are blogging for hobby or planning to make it your full time job in the future, you have to have a solid plan and a made up mind. Blogging can take up so much of your time so you have to make sure you spend every minute wisely. If you’re like me, you can’t spend every waking moment of every day writing, editing, photo taking, Insta-gramming and continuously trying to connect, connect, connect! I shared a full blog post on how I manage blogging + full time job and so many people loved it. This is one post I always reference when I get blogging questions.


One of my favorite looks from 2017 this amazing + super affordable fringe pom-pom sweatshirt dress !!!  I wore this to a mom blogger dinner and got stopped by several people asking for all the details about it. I still wear it on repeat especially to work. I just love the fringe details and the fact its under $20!!!! Snag it if you can because you will not be dissapointed!!!


As bloggers, we all desire to have a following that’s interested in what we have to say and engages with our content. I know that the more engaged my audience is and the more they interact with my blog, the more likely they are to stick around as a follower and share my content. We all know that growing a loyal audience is essential so I wanted to share not only my favorite “blogging” post but one I really put a lot of work into. If you are a new blogger and need help getting your blog to the next level, check out  10 ways to build your blog.


Something I will never forget about 2017 is our honeymoon in Playa!!! Even if it was 2 years later, the hubby and I celebrated our honeymoon in Mexico and it was simply amazing! I couldnt imagine a better vacation and I reveiewed the entire experience here! If there is one place you go ever…. its Playa Del Carmen.


If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am really into fitness and trying to stay active. Recently, I signed up for a half marathon and have been training for it aggressively. When I am training for a race, I usually don’t do the gym and stick to just running. I did a full post on how I manage a fitness routine in my schedule earlier in the year + going back and reading it has actually got me motivated to go back to the gym like ASAP!!! I might have to just jump back into the gym workouts and sick it up with its time to run!!! 🙂


If there is one thing I love more than life, its happy hour! There is one place you can find me at 5:00pm on any afternoon unless its the gym… happy hour!!! I rounded up some of my Dallas blogger momma’s for a fun, happy hour and we had such a blast!! I love getting together with other momma’s to reminiscent on blogging, mom life or just break out in a dance!!! I shared our fun experience at HG supply here!


 A simple, easy outfit can really just change your life. This outfit was one of the most loved by yall and I literally lived in it during summer. This top is under $15 and so versatile. The color alone is just amazing but it also is super flattering for any body type!!! Its definitely one of my favorite outfits from 2017!!!.


One of the most intrigued, interesting and difficult posts this year was my 5 day juice cleanse with Squeezed Online. It was one of the hardest weeks ever for me but I did it and felt amazing. It was such a great body restart and I learned so much about my body, food and just how I disciplined you can be within 7 days. I actually really liked this diet and cleanse because the juices were pretty tasty and legit.


Rounding up the fashion, this fall look was a follower favorite. I cant think of anything better than plaid and leather to transition into the chillier months. I wore this on repeat throughout winter. Its an easy look that can be dressed up with tights + heels or more casual with otk boots. Obsessed! 🙂


And last but not least, my 2 year blogiversary was this past September! I cant believe I have been doing something this little thing I love so much for 2 years. It wasnt easy and it wasnt pretty but the things I have learned along the way have made me a better, tougher person. I shared what I have learned from blogging + how to stay motivated through the process. I am motivated daily by other amazing bloggers and all the sweet emails/messages from followers. I honestly cant thank you enough for reading the blog and helping me live out my dream. THANK YOU!!! 🙂


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